simple orb tutorial

Thought I would start my journal with a simple explanation as to how I create my orbs. This is the most common question I ever get asked over at flickr. I have only dropped into redbubble in the last few days and I sore this journal feature and thought it would be ideal for this.

Firstly I make a light string. I make these with a battery pack and a length of cable connected to a bunch of coloured ultra bright LED’s. If your wanting to try this technique a simple way to get started is to buy some battery powered christmas tree lights form the ever resourceful ebay. All the lights can be bunched together at the end using a tie wrap.

Heres where the fun begins. Now you are ready to make and orb. You are going to need a tripod, a shutter release cable and a camera with bulb mode. Now open the shutter and walk into the frame. Look carefully on the floor for a tiny mark or drop a small coin on the floor. Now start spinning the LEDs and concentrate on passing the head of the LEDs over the mark or coin. Once in a nice rhythm turn the lights on and start shuffling backwards in a circle keeping the lights over the marker on the floor.

In theory you only need to go around 180 deg but I find going around a bit more makes for a nicer looking orb. Thats all there is to really, easy stuff. Just be careful as they can become a little bit addictive.

Hope this helps anyone who has ever wondered or would like to give it ago..


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