When love outlasts death and continues to beat on for the one you love… My own twist on the tale of Persephone and Hades.

About Persephone:
She was the only child of the union of Demeter (goddess of the bountiful harvest) and Zeus, the mighty king of the Olympians. The Greek goddess Persephone was born when Demeter was Zeus’ consort, long before his marriage to the goddess Hera.

As signs of womanly beauty began to shine along side her childlike innocence, the adolescent goddess Persephone unwittingly attracted the attention of the Greek god Hades, brother of Zeus and ruler of the underworld.

The god Hades, however, did not bother to woo the young Persephone, traditional goddess protocol notwithstanding. After asking for (and receiving) her father’s approval for Persephone’s hand in marriage, Hades simply abducted her one bright sunny day when she stooped to pluck a narcissus from a field of wildflowers near her home. The meadow was suddenly rent open, and Hades simply reached out and snatched Persephone away, taking her to his underworld kingdom and making her his queen. Although the young goddess Persephone grew to love Hades, she remained lonely for her mother and the life she’d known on earth.

Her mother, the goddess Demeter, had heard Persephone’s screams when Hades grabbed her. She began an intensive search for Persephone. After learning how Zeus had betrayed their daughter, and consumed by grief and sorrow, Demeter demonstrated her outrage by withholding her blessing from the earth until Persephone was returned to her. Droughts ensued, and the earth lay barren. Mankind was facing a major famine. Zeus finally relented and sent the god Hermes to bring the young goddess Persephone back to her mother.

Part of Persephone missed her mother horribly, but another part had grown rather fond of the god Hades. And Persephone was rather enjoying her role as Queen, even if it was in the underworld. While preparing to return to the earth with Hermes, Persephone accepted a pomegranate offered to her by Hades. She knew full well that anyone who had eaten while in the underworld would not be allowed to return, even a goddess — Persephone went ahead and ate seven of the seeds. Her choice prevented her from ever being fully restored to Demeter, but did open up the possibility of a compromise.

Hermes was able to negotiate an agreement on her behalf between Hades, a god who was usually rather cold-natured and self-centered, and Demeter. Persephone would be allowed to stay with Hades in the underworld for four months each year (winter) and would return to the earth and her mother the remaining months. The goddess Persephone was soon reunited joyfully with her mother.

Each year as Persephone left to join her husband in the underworld, Greek mythology tells us that the goddess Demeter would begin to grieve, bringing on the cold, barren winters. But a few months later Persephone, the goddess associated with awakening, would return to bring spring and its verdant growth in her wake . . . thus were the seasons established.

There are many more stories out there of Persephone and all the things she did as “Queen of the Underworld”.


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All artworks contained herein have been created in Photoshop CS3 or Photographed, by Adara Rosalie, and are all original artworks.
My gallery is Copyright © 2008-2010 Adara Rosalie. All rights reserved. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.


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Jayde, also known as Adara Rosalie, is a self taught digital artist living in the Sydney Region of NSW. Her works bring forth the beauty in the dark, strange and Gothic. Her images are beautifully rendered, with a blend of photo manipulation and digital painting, showing a natural talent for creating new and fantastic visual artworks that are original in concept.

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  • Sarah Bentvelzen
    Sarah Bentvelzenalmost 5 years ago

    Wow! This is amazing! :)

  • Thank you so much Sarah. It is a great joy to me to know that you like this piece!! I really appreciate you taking the time to write me!

    – Adara Rosalie

  • midnightdreamer
    midnightdreameralmost 5 years ago

    Oh this is beautiful, wonderfully moody creation :)

  • Thank you Leah, you have been a wonderful fountain of support with my artworks. It is great to know that you like my newest one as well! I hope that you are well and I wish you all the best for the week ahead!!

    – Adara Rosalie

  • Laurie Search
    Laurie Searchalmost 5 years ago

    Awesome and beautiful!

  • What wonderful words Laurie, I thank you so much for them!! I hope that your weekend ahead is a magical one!!

    – Adara Rosalie

  • Helen Corr
    Helen Corralmost 5 years ago

    FANTASTIC! this is fabulous – it depicts that tragic love beautifully!

  • WOW, Helen, such eloquent words. You will give me a big head!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write me, I really appreciate it. Your comments and support are invaluable. I wish you a truely magical week ahead!!

    – Adara Rosalie

  • mephotography
    mephotographyalmost 5 years ago

    WOW!! An amazing visual treat!!! Beautiful creation!!

  • Awe, thank you so much. I cant tell you enough how much I appreciate you taking the time to write me and share your thoughts on my latest piece.

    – Adara Rosalie

  • Psychosis
    Psychosisalmost 5 years ago

    Fabulous! Really beautiful! :)

  • Ross you are a gem!! Thank you so much your words mean a lot.

    – Adara Rosalie

  • shotokan0
    shotokan0almost 5 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful work Adara.. Simply stunning…

  • Thank you Rob, that is lovely of you!! I really appreciate you taking the time to write me and share your thoughts on this piece!!! I appreciate your support. I wish you a happy week ahead!

    – Adara Rosalie

  • Vanessa Barklay
    Vanessa Barklayalmost 5 years ago

    Creative Spirits of Queensland Group Chosen by Jenny this week.

  • Thank you so much!! This is a wonderful surprise to log onto. I really appreciate the support that the club has given me!! You all rock!

    – Adara Rosalie

  • gabryshak
    gabryshakalmost 5 years ago

    just my imagination
    runnin away with me

    this really rocks

  • Thank you so much gabryshak!! That is so cute and really sweet. I really appreciate you taking the time to write me!! I hope that you have the best week!

    – Adara Rosalie

  • lupa
    lupaalmost 5 years ago

    this is stunning…love your work!

  • Thank you Lupa, it means the world to me.

    – Adara Rosalie

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