My first Art Fair experience!

Well, I’m about 10 days away from my first Art Fair experience!

I was accepted into the Emerging Artist category (jury selection) of the Ann Arbor Art Fair – which is a pretty big deal for me! There are actually 4 simultaneous fairs which cover the entire downtown area, and almost 1200 artists have booths in total! About 500,000 visitors come through over the 4 days.

Making things a lot easier for me logistically, it’s my hometown :)

I found out in late March, and have been slowly working away ever since. I have built display bins, a display board and printed & matted about 150 pieces. I’ve been prepping business cards and portfolios… I can’t believe it’s less than 2 weeks away now! Now it’s crunch time getting everything finished.

My goal is to break even. I’ve invested a lot in this (financially and time), and I’m doing everything I can to make it a success. I keep joking that with all the work I’ve done, if it doesn’t go well it’s just because people don’t like my art!

I’ve worked out that I need to sell roughly 50 pieces to hit breakeven. If 10% of the fair attendees come past my booth, that means I’ll need one in every 1,000 people to buy something. That feels doable!

I’ll write a journal after it’s done with how things went… it’s quite the experience so far!

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