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A little about me…
Graphic Designer. Art inspires. Christian. Chillout music. Drawing. Sitting on roof tops. Like the word ‘spoons’. Blogging. Rain in summer. Cold cider. The smell of pencils. Late afternoon sun. The quiet of night time. Summer at the beach. Tea. Coffee. Any beverage really. Three piercings. Summer night strolls. Cats not dogs. Street lights in the rain. Road trips. Autumn is the best season. Photography. Mornings suck. Folk music. Anime. Unplanned holidays. Music always.

I’m a qualified graphic designer and tend to work a lot with photography and digital art. I have also recently taken a stronger interest in traditional mediums and intend on exploring them further.

As cliche as it may sound, I see my creativity as a gift from God, rather than something I’ve built into myself. We’re all capable or learning how to draw or cook or kick a soccer ball, however we tend to chase after the things that intrigue us most. Our individual interests suggest to me that we are each unique from day one. That said, practice makes perfect, no matter what you’re into. That part is more likely up to us.

If you want to know any more about me I’m an INFJ… or you know, message me. :P

Also, I do freelance work and am also interested in finding a permanent role. So be it a random job here and there, or a full time position in a studio, please pass on anything you think might suit me. :)

  • Age: 25
  • Joined: June 2007