How much to charge buyers...?

I was thinking today, as i looked at what sales iv made… how much should images be “marked up” all mine are at a 25% markup atm, but i did some maths and on the sale of 15 cards over my time at redbubble the profit amounts to about $9… mabey im just ungrateful and this is a good profit to have made, but for something that sells for like $2.50 a 63c profit feels kinda low… so yer,
how much do you like to mark up ur images… is 25% to much? to little?
what do yall think??

Ps. sorry if my spelling is bad…


  • jerry  alcantara
    jerry alcantaraover 6 years ago

    ciao!jay…i know how you feel,same here!,but you know what? i just dont mind anymore may profit it is totaly low,and my percentage is in minimum,someone you put my work on their wall or wear my shrit design is just much! seeyah! goodday

  • Hazel
    Hazelover 6 years ago

    Jay in time you will make big money because you have a very big talent.

  • Hazel
    Hazelover 6 years ago

    p.s. Are you studying photography? If not you should be and as soon s you can join the AIPP…if you are in Australia or the equivalent wherever you live.

  • Imogene Munday
    Imogene Mundayover 6 years ago

    everyone’s different, most people have set markups to more than %25 though ( i even know of someone who sets it at %200!)

  • Victor Bezrukov
    Victor Bezrukovover 6 years ago

    hey… i don’t know how my total profit here , cos there is no button earnings or something like this…
    25% is not too much for the good piece… but what is a good piece ? i have not any idea… i sold a few cards of puppies… hahaha ! really nice indicator what people looking for… :-)))))

  • Douzy
    Douzyover 6 years ago

    Hi Jay, I’ve only sold a handful of cards so far, same thing, even lower with 20% mark up, so I thought well my stuff is not that great but that’s fine with me. Then I just put some framed pics in a friend’s shop 3 days ago, $270 each, and I sold 2 already!! I just think there is so much good competitio on RB that it’s a totally different market, we’re no here to make money… But find a shop and you’ll make big bucks with your talent!

  • Melanie  Dooley
    Melanie Dooleyover 6 years ago

    If someone really loves your work they will pay whatever you ask, within reason. I really like most of your work here at RB would happily pay $4 or $5 for the right image as a card. Also, look at how much it would cost you to produce the cards yourself…I think you would find that there is little profit in it that way (to achieve the same quality).

    I think the value of RB for a young artist like you is in far more than just what profit you make on a few cards. Exposure, learning about the business of art (RB has got it down pat), networking, online portfolio, exposure etc etc.

    As someone alludes to above, there are two streams. One where you produce what you like and maybe sell a few cards here and there. Or you go fully commercial and produce what will sell (puppy cards) if money is your objective.

    There’s a bigger lesson in all of this I think… ;-)

    So maybe I haven’t answered your question, and maybe I’ev preached a bit, but I hope you can find an answer in ther esomewhere.

  • James McKenzie
    James McKenzieover 6 years ago

    Jerry: yer i agree with that… something similar to also being happy with the fact someone is enjoying my art was in my original entry, but my pc crashed b4 it posted haha…
    Hazel: Thanks very much… im at school atm, so i cant really study photography, but i plan to once iv finnished school… to be honest atm i know very little about photography, i tried to learn technical stuff by reading up on it, but all the technical jargen was so confusing, and all the explanations of the words i didnt understand where in more jargen haha…
    Imogene: wow, do they actually sell anything with a 200% markup
    Strange: haha, interesting point!
    Douzy: Congrats, im not really here to make money either, but its an added bonus haha, im not to concerned yet, but once next year is over ill have finished school and id like to have a few ideas by then… putting them in a shop is a nice one!
    Melanie: haha, thanks… id actually thought about all that, and written about it in my first version of the entry… but again I forgot in the rush to type it up again after my pc crashed… but a very good point, and thanks for the reminder!!

    Thanks for ur thoughts everyone!!! _

  • Ian Porter
    Ian Porterover 6 years ago

    There are a few points here. You can charge what you like for a piece of art – the buyer will decide if it is worth it. I think the cut that rb take is pretty reasonable – unfortunately for cards we make very little on them. What surprises me is which pictures receive the hits – the only thing I have sold is a picture of a flower!

  • Cadence Gamache
    Cadence Gamacheover 6 years ago

    I think you should charge whatever you feel comfortable charging :) When I sell work (like at art shows or when I’m selling the license off to someone to use for publishing) I charge whatever I want! As high as $100! But since RB takes care of all the printing and shipping and stuff here, I feel I shouldn’t charge as much… That low profit percentage is because they have to take out for all the printing work and ink and paper/canvas/etc. Personally, I don’t like to mark up too much because I don’t like to pass the cost onto my buyers when I feel like RB is doing me a favor :) That’s just me, though. You’re the artist!