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Drongo pair by jaycee Tomatoes by jaycee Kookaburra 2 by jaycee Kookaburra by jaycee Twin horses by jaycee Pink Rose by jaycee Ancient angel by jaycee Garden gateway by jaycee No name by jaycee A Long Time Thank you! Screaming by jaycee Dark Alley by jaycee Richard by jaycee Tom Chaplin 2 by jaycee Tom Chaplin singing by jaycee Popart Jay by jaycee Opera House Alien by jaycee Ghost image at home by jaycee Spiralself by jaycee Music in Space by jaycee Exciting Music by jaycee  Invasion by jaycee White bellied Sea Eagle by jaycee Whatcha lookin' at? by jaycee Kangaroo vs Bush Turkey by jaycee Orbs again by jaycee Two Orbs by jaycee Massive orb plus one by jaycee Black Mass by jaycee Relationships You meet someone / There is instant attraction / You hit it off / You start to see each other / You think they are keen / Then they start t… An Unlikely conversation by jaycee Bush Curlew by jaycee Mother and child by jaycee Mmmm Toilet? by jaycee Love To love and not be loved in return / Is like being a cockroach under foot / To love and to be ignored / Is to be a tree falling in the fore… Just had to share…. I just had to share with you all a new favourite song of mine, now may sound crazy, but the first time I heard this song I did not like it … Tracey's gift by jaycee Merry Xmas to all. I want to wish everyone a Merry Xmas. / I know for some this may not be a happy time of year, it may be filled with grief, loneliness, disp… How? How do you figure out what you want? / Should you sit around and wait? / Should you wait for him to make a decision? / Or should you be get… From The Shadows... by jaycee A X-mas pressy in process.. by jaycee MYNDFULL There is a great photographer here on Redbubble that oozes sensuality, sexuality, quietness, peacefullness, calm, mystery… has a grea… Embarrassing but must share lol by jaycee The Atom If everything is made up or atoms and molecules etc… then what is the universe? Consumed! Uncertainly and fear / Consume me Beautiful sunset by jaycee Red Life Drawing by jaycee Orb Drawing 3 by jaycee Orb Drawing 2 by jaycee Orb Drawing 1 by jaycee Lady amongst the smoke by jaycee Painting assignment near completion. by jaycee Collaboration 1 with Myndfull. by jaycee Portrait by jaycee Male nude with some skeletal structure by jaycee Ashes to Ashes... by jaycee One year on... by jaycee Sleeping Beauty by jaycee Horns by jaycee Orb on my painting by jaycee Brett's Wharf by jaycee Random Boat by jaycee From the Shadows (in progress) by jaycee Life drawing portrait 2 by jaycee Life drawing portrait 1 by jaycee Redbubble Paranormal the Norm T by jaycee The Gemini Mind My mind starts to tick faster and faster / The questions / No answers Tanktoon by jaycee Unresolved How long? / How long and why? / Why do I have to take the back seat? / Why don’t you do what you should? Oz by jaycee Butterflytray by jaycee I can't keep my eye off of you! by jaycee Walking with Shadows by jaycee Thank you Redbubble :) Go check her artwork here :)….. / Stack Brisbane by jaycee Calendar Centrelink.. the joys. A close friend of mine was sacked from his job. Yet the employer stated that there was no reason for leaving on the separation certificate.… One Bat by jaycee Change of colour by jaycee Storm brewing by jaycee Nifty doo.. by jaycee
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