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New to redbubble

Hi to anyone and everyone that may read this. I am happy to be here and hope that my shots bring a smile to a face or two. Here is a little information on who I am. Although I am Australian as a child I grew up in various countries in South East Asia. I came back to Australia to finish high school, which is where I became interested in photography. Photography then took a back seat to trying to find my way through the maze of life. That maze took me to Japan where I lived for 8 years and it was in Japan where I picked up the camera again. I have now been back in Australia for about 2 and a half years. I must say both my parents became seriously ill at the end of last year and sadly my mother died 2 months ago. Because of this I haven’t been really put camera in hand for the last 6 months or so. However my trusty D100 has found it way back in my hands and hopefully redbubble my encourage me to be a little more motivated. Well that really sums it all up for me at the moment. Thanks for you interest, comments and (hopefully) purchases of some of my work .

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