What can I say, I am in independent force of nature. I love to win and my favorite saying is I SAY WHAT I MEAN AND I MEAN WHAT I SAY. Personally I would rather know going into a meeting,knowing that I will come out knowing exactly what just happened and how it relates to me.


GOD-The one question I would ask is did humanity turn out as you expected?

Abraham Lincoln- The question I would ask is why did you keep trying after all of your failures?

Cleopatra- The question I would ask is how did you maintain your leadership in the face of all adversity?

Lewis and Clark- The questions that I would ask is What was the one thing you could tell humainity about your expeditions?

Ben Franklin- The question I would ask is what motivated you?


I love the outdoors.
River rafting,Camping,Hiking and Backpacking
I love my GARDEN. Plants are my life, well not actually COFFEE is.
However, the most important interesting aspect of my life is my son and his cars. They consume most of my time
As well as my 4 very large dogs.

I love movies. I enjoy a good plot. The drawback is that I can figure out whats going to happen before it does. Kind of blows the whole story line and suspense. bove all My Family. Check out the pictures below.


Jean Auels’ Earth Children Series.
Romance novels-because they are a quick read ( 2 hrs )
Historical Novels. Fiction as well as non-fiction
I love poety

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