Dawn shoot

There are more photographs and paintings of sunsets than there are of sunrises basically because we are more likely to be awake to see the second than the first, the only sunrises that i ever get to shoot are on days when i work early. I travel a lot at work and try to get shots of spectacular sunrises as i do so, if i wasn’t at work, i would be in bed. Is there a difference in the light from either a sunrise or a sunset, i used to wonder, but i’ve seen so many things and colours since i started “seriously” watching the sky that i don’t believe this to be so. I also think that a sunrise can be harder to shoot as you don’t know what you are going to get whereas with a sunset, you can soon see where the sun will hit and what the clouds are like beforehand.
Sometimes at dawn, the sky near the horizon goes pink in all directions and without a compass you’d be hard pushed to know where the sun will pop out until the very last moment, so lining up can be a last minute adventure. Try to get far away from your horizons, some of my shots work well as i am about twenty miles from the Pyrenees, a rugged cloud making horizon, but in summer the sun will come out of the sea and not from the mountains so need to adapt all the time, i try to use smaller apertures when possible, and i think the rest must be just luck.

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