The Hiatus Is Over

To all my friends on RedBubble,

You may have noticed it has been some time since I posted artwork here with any regularity… and if you were one of the many people who sent me BubbleMails over the past couple of months, you would also have noticed that I’ve not had a chance to reply as yet. To be honest, it was been some time since I have logged into RedBubble at all!

Sadly, I had to put my artistic endeavours on hold for the latter part of 2010 while I concentrated on the more commercial aspects of my photography. The (non-photography-related) casual work that funded my artistic photography dried up in term 4, and so I found myself unable to hit the road to shoot the Victorian landscapes that I am so passionate about.

Of course, rather than just letting my interest in photography slide altogether, I started to focus on developing my commercial photography skills in a bid to generate some cash flow again. While shooting folios for wannabe swimsuit and lingerie models has been fun, to say the least, it could never give me that same sense of inner peace that shooting magnificent landscapes at dawn and dusk does!

Anyway, this is just a quick note to say that my artistic hiatus is (hopefully) over for now… and I hope you will all stick around and see what I can come up with artistically over summer! Also, I wanted to let you all know that I will be attempting to respond to everybody’s emails over the next week or two (there are a lot to get through), so please be patient if you haven’t heard back from me yet.

As an aside, the need to develop commercial aspects of my business has seen me put a bit of technical infrastructure in place, which I am planning to adapt to my artistic photography in the new year. This is going to give rise to a couple of exciting, online projects that I am hoping to launch in January… stay posted for more info when the time comes!

I look forward to catching up with you all shortly…

Kind regards,

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