Hi everybody,

I’m a Graphic Designer by trade although I was a musician in a former life (some people are going to hate that i wrote that).

I’m a bit of a mish-mash of styles and ideas but I’m hoping that by getting my ideas out there it will help me develop my own identity.

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Commenting Idea

Just an idea, could we switch the order of the comments so the most recent addition appears at the top? Rather than having to scroll down the page to read the latest comment. / Sorry, I know its little trivial, but it’s something to at least consider. / Cheers
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Busting out of a rut

Does anyone else have this problem? / I seem to have times where the ideas just come in an instant and I can work on a project from conception to completion in no time flat. More often than not it is also during these times that I do some of my best work. I guess its the equivalent of being “in the zone”. But there are also times where I just can’t get a start or find that next …
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I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly stoked I am that people are actually taking an interest in my stuff. I’m a bit blown away to be honest. I’m working on a few new items at the moment so I’ll be uploading some more stuff soon. / Cheers to the clever people who came up with the idea for this site. You’ve no doubt heard it a thousand times already and will hear …
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Hi everyone, / Thanks for all the kind words. It really gives me a buzz to know that other people are taking an interest in my stuff. Thanks again.
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