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WOW - Homepage feature 13/11/2011

WOW – I can’t beieve it. I have had a piece of work featured on the homepage.
Thank you Darkgirl for this, who is one of the hosts for the Group Anxiety where this piece of work had it’s 1st ever feature.
Here’s the link to the the Homepage feature
I am very touched and feel very honoured, especally being featured next to these great artists.

Michael A. Morrison with I fell from a great height

Michele J. D’Amicol with Johnny Coat, The Psychiactric Center – Chapman Unit

Sheryl Langston with Hollow House

Kristina Gale with Pretty girls get the blues

Heather King with Not Forgotten

DravenStudios with tuned to channel PTSD

Jaeda DeWalt with Neurotic self portrait

A very big thank you
Mark xxx

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