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Currently Shooting With

Canon Eos 30D
Sigma 28-70 EX Lens
Sigma 70-300 Lens

Canon Powershot S5IS – Slightly broken, though still takes photo’s

Canon Ixus 500 – Filled with sand from the beach. Makes odd noises but still works. My first digital camera and I am still impressed with it

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New Equipment

Over the past couple of months I have moved. Over this period I have wound up without a monitopr, limited access to the internet, and little to no chance to take any photos, let alone upload to the wonderous bubble. Well now that is over. First pay day of my new job and we have a new monitor. / As well as this, a friend of mine as given me a Canon EOS 30D and a 20mm lens. So there is a new ad…
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The Camera Returns.....

The moment I have been waiting for finally arrived. My camera turned up last week and I finally got to play with it today. Unfortunately, having waited weekes for its return to teh UK from Malaysia for a repair under it’s warranty i discover it is still not working. / I am completely gutted, and while i have probably 3 or 4 photo’s to put up to the bubble I now have a broken camera …
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Broken Camera

It is official. My canon Power Shot S5 IS is broken and is being sent to Malaysia for a repair under warranty. Unfortunately it means no more pictures for quite some time. I am a little saddened by this, but it does give me time to save up for some lenses. / It is a shame as I was just getting intothe swing of it, and had some pretty cool shots planned. However, they will still be there when …
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