Job versus Creative energy

How can I stay on track with my creative & marketing endeavors as I head back to the routine of a job after the luxurious winter break? The job zaps my energy.

Stop often. Stop & think. Stop and unthink. Let go and breathe often to maintain and not drain. Yoga will refresh as well. Changes are coming and they will be slow. You will do fine. Believe and feel the future. Spend time in solitude to regain your mental stability. Rest often, breathe, and be in the present allowing thoughts to drift by without latching on to them. Feel the swirl of your energy. Observe rather than getting caught up in it. Try to focus on the change that will come. If resting is what you desire, do not push yourself to “get things done.” It is ok to stop, rest your body, and do nothing once your obligations of work are done. It is not a race. It is only now. This moment. There is no need to attend to future obligations unless your heart impulse is there to do it. Stop, lie down, seek solitude when there is confusion about what to do or when to do it.

Stop. Reflect. Breathe. Focus on present. Listen to soothing music. Enjoy beautiful lighting. Let the confusion pass without entertaining it. Starve the turmoil rather than feeding it. It will soon die down and you will be able to proceed with clarity.

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