Jan Morris

Jan Morris

Northfield, United States

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Welcome to Janniejoy’s (aka, Jan Morris) art website! My collages are done using cut-outs from magazines, I re-create images which have a dream-like quality. With female body parts as a consistent theme, I try to bring pieces together that mutually complement each other in light, tone, shade and contrast. My inspiration comes from the hills that surround the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts.
More recently, I’ve been enjoying photography. I hope to inspire others to stop for a moment and really see the life and magical things that surround us as we race to our next appointment.

My images can be purchased as greeting cards, postcards, and posters. You can also contact me for orders at janniejoy11@gmail.com.

My other website is: https://janniejoy.jux.com/

Explore and enjoy!

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Quote from: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

It is the inner commitment to be true to ourselves and follow our dreams that triggers the support of the universe.
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Job versus Creative energy

How can I stay on track with my creative & marketing endeavors as I head back to the routine of a job after the luxurious winter break? The job zaps my energy. / Stop often. Stop & think. Stop and unthink. Let go and breathe often to maintain and not drain. Yoga will refresh as well. Changes are coming and they will be slow. You will do fine. Believe and feel the future. Spend ti…
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Joy in the New Year

What new joys will this year bring? What new inspiration for artists and inventors will be revealed? My doors are open to a new beginning, a daring continuing of self-discovery.
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Above are some examples of my collages that are made simply by cutting out pieces from magazines and pasting them together to create a new image. No photoshopping is used. Just scissors and glue!
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