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Beware the Coven (Chapter Two)

Chad’s night had been comparatively uneventful. He and his Grandma sat on her big old sofa, wrapped in a comfy quilt and watched an old movie while eating a big bowl of buttered popcorn. She read him passages from the bible before he went to bed. Becca always balked at her grandma’s insistence that they listen to her readings, but Chad always listened intently. His Grandma had told him since he was just a little boy that he was an exceptional boy and had a good heart, and he knew this to be true.

In the morning Chad’s Grandma made him French toast and they sat at her old wooden kitchen table. Sunlight filled her yellow kitchen. The daisy wallpaper had been there as long as Chad could remember. Her big old house creaked but it was always comfortable and clean. He always felt safe at Grandma’s house. Then suddenly he felt a twinge of discomfort when Grandma asked him how things were going at home.

“It certainly seems like your mother has made some changes lately, has she been acting differently?” she said.

Chad knew this conversation was going to be as sticky as the syrup dripping off his fork, he didn’t want to lie but he knew he couldn’t exactly say what had been going on either. He stuffed his mouth full while trying to come up with an acceptable answer. Finally he said “Well, things aren’t like they used to be, but we’re doing okay.”

His grandma knew from the tone of his voice that things were not okay. She had never thoroughly liked Tara; she kept her at arms length. Although she always seemed to be a decent mother, she also seemed unhappy and withdrawn. Her son had married her because she was pregnant with Becca, a situation that she knew would not make for a lasting relationship. She was surprised that they had made it this far, so their separating was not a shock, she always thought it was inevitable.

When Becca woke up she panicked as she looked down at her arms. Oh, my God, what have I done? She said to herself. Her arms looked like as if a wild animal had attacked her. Her sheets were streaked with blood. She felt sick to her stomach as she remembered the incident from the night before, She didn’t know what to do. She took a long hot shower hoping that the cuts wouldn’t look so bad. The water stung the gashes in her skin and after she got out they looked even worse, they were red and swollen. After she dried herself off she put on a long sleeve top and some jeans. Becca considered herself average looking at best, she would describe herself as having straight brown hair and plain brown eyes. She always envied Chad; he had inherited his father’s blue eyes.

She opened the door to her room and noticed that her mother’s bedroom door was still shut. She went to the kitchen and saw all of the wine glasses still sitting around and her imagination went wild. She wondered if all of her mother’s new friends were just into a big orgy and the whole witch aspect was just a front. When she opened the refrigerator it was as empty as her, she found an old apple in the bottom bin and headed out the door.

Becca didn’t want to have to explain to Chelsea what happened so she decided to just walk in the opposite direction. Puggles saw her come out and started to bark, but gave up when she was a few houses away. She walked for a few miles, the cuts on her legs rubbed on her jeans and was a constant reminder of her shame. She came to the park that was situated in the middle of downtown. Plymouth was a small town and most everyone knew everyone.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, but Becca felt dark inside. She sat down on a wooden bench under a huge willow tree and nibbled at her bruised and half rotten apple. As she sat there she wished that her life were different, she saw little kids playing in the distance and wondered what it would be like to not have such heavy sorrows, she thought about ending her life, it seemed to be an easier solution than feeling all of this pain and guilt. It was a thought she pondered often, too often.

She closed her eyes and felt a cool spring breeze blow across her face; she breathed in deeply and once again decided that life just might have something better for her in the future. She had just finished that thought when a boy sat down next to her.

She glanced over at him momentarily and saw that he was wearing makeup. His hair was long and streaked with black; even his nails were painted black. She looked quickly again and saw that he had a tattoo on his neck of a snake and his bottom lip was pierced. All of this was typical of the kids in her school that were referred to as Gothic. She wasn’t afraid of him although she felt he probably wanted her to be. They sat there in silence for at least ten minutes before he spoke.

“Hey, ya want a cigarette?”

Becca didn’t smoke, but decided it was a polite gesture and said “sure”.

He handed her a cigarette and as he got closer and flicked his lighter, she realized that he was really good looking. He had sparkling deep blue eyes and a little bit of an overbite. She coughed after the first drag and blamed it on just getting over a cold.

“My name is Chris, my friends call me Slash.” He said somewhat shyly.

“My name is Becca, may I call you Slash?”

“Are you my friend?”

“I am if you want me to be.” Becca smiled and waited for him to smile back, which when he did it stirred something up in her. She instantly had a crush on this rather odd boy, her hands started to shake slightly and she felt her stomach flutter. She figured he must have felt something too as he seemed to stare at her longer that she was used to.

They talked for a while and realized they went to the same high school. Becca was a freshman at Plymouth High and he was a junior. They had never seen each other before, but he was fairly new, he had just moved to town a few months ago.

When Becca was through with her cigarette, she threw it on the ground and stepped on it and it stuck to the bottom of her shoe. As she reached down to pull if off, her sleeve came up on her arm reveling her freshly cut skin. Slash’s eyes fell on the wounds immediately and she hurriedly covered her arm up.

“Wow, I didn’t take you as a cutter.” He said as matter of fact.

“A what?” she said. The sound of those words made her feel like a leper, some strange type of creature from some far off sub-culture.

“I’ve seen plenty of those marks, and those could only belong to a cutter.” Don’t worry, your secrets safe with me.”

Becca was stunned; she wished he’d stop using that word. She had only known this boy for less than an hour and he already knew one of her deepest secrets. She looked away and stared in the opposite direction, tears stared to roll down her cheek…..she didn’t know what to say. She thought about the irony of how he was outwardly the freak, but now she was one too.

“Hey, I’m sorry, I know it’s kind of a personal thing.” He said softly.

He moved closer to her and put his arm around her. She could smell his masculine scent and suddenly she felt safe and cared for, which was something she hadn’t felt in a long time.

He asked her to go for a walk and as they walked through the park in silence he gently reached down and held her hand. The dark shade on Becca’s world suddenly seemed to slowly rise and for the first time in a long time she noticed the beautiful warmth of the sun. Suddenly every color seemed brighter.

© Solar Zorra -2009

Beware the Coven (Chapter Two)

Solar Zorra

Charleston, United States

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Artist's Description

This is chapter two of my novel “Beware the Coven” Here is chapter one

Thank you to everyone that is taking the time to follow this story. I appreciate your comments. Please let me know what your thoughts are. (Good or bad) This is my attempt to learn my strengths and weaknesses.

Here is Chapter Three

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