Beware the Coven (Chapter One)

Chapter One

Becca sat in the back of her closet staring with morbid anticipation at the razor blade she kept hidden under a piece of the carpet. She positioned herself tightly in the corner. Sitting underneath her hanging shirts and dresses and between old stuffed animals and shoeboxes. There was just enough sunlight streaming in from her bedroom window for her to see what she was doing in the shadows.

Slowly she pushed the sharp metal tip into the delicate skin on the top of her leg and drug it along as the glorious pain made her gasp for breath. She watched the warm red blood ooze and trickle down her thighs and knees. She did it again and again, each time the blade etched traces not only in her skin; but also in her soul. As the blood dripped and fell on the foot of her favorite pink stuffed elephant the tears rolled down her face, but she couldn’t stop.

Being fourteen was difficult enough, but having a mother that was a newly self-proclaimed witch was downright unbearable. Even Becca’s only friend, Chelsea didn’t know her secrets. Cutting was a newfound outlet of pleasure that she wasn’t going to share with anyone.

Becca’s mother, Tarra had lost all interest in being a wife and mother when she became involved with her new friends, a group of women that claimed to be dark princesses, otherwise known as witches. They met regularly to encourage each other that they had been endowed with special powers. Powers to alter circumstances, contact the dead and even cast spells. It seemed as soon as she joined she started dressing and acting differently. She became self consumed.

Becca’s younger brother, Chad, was as depressed and confused as she was regarding their mother’s new interest and sudden abandonment of them. It seemed as soon as their father had decided to leave for good, she became a different person altogether, someone they didn’t recognize. There was a time when she made dinner every night and a time when they used to go on family picnics in the park.

They were both relieved when all of the constant fighting finally stopped, but now they wondered which was worse. Now instead of cooking she bought junk food and frozen dinners for them and was hardly ever home. Chad was only twelve and was already in a state of deep depression. His father was a busy man; he worked as a supervisor in the local auto factory. He used to be home for dinner, but lately he just stopped coming home at all.

Chad had never felt a strong connection with his dad; he seemed to have other things to do that were more important. Chad knew that he was different than most boys his age. His friends liked to ogle at naked women in magazines and on the Internet, he pretended to be involved and excited, but he wasn’t, in fact he felt ashamed, something inside of him knew it was wrong. He spent most of his time alone in his room reading science fiction books and drawing pictures of aliens.

Tonight was Tara’s first night to host the Coven. She was eager to please the group and wanted everything to be perfect. It was Friday so she asked her husband’s mother, Edna if she would take Becca and Chad for the evening. Tara’s mother in law was not aware of the group that she had gotten involved with and it was best she didn’t know.

At sixty-four, she was a devote Christian and Tara thought her to be as close-minded as anyone could possibly be. When her husband had died last year, she became even more involved with the church. Becca and Chad used to love visiting their grandparents, but since their grandpa had died, it just wasn’t the same.

Becca found her own escape route for the night; she called Chelsea and asked if she could stay with her. Since Chelsea lived a few houses down the street, it was a typical arrangement for a Friday night. Becca grabbed a few things and left out the door without even saying goodbye, as she ran to Chelsea’s house, as usual the little dog next door, Puggles barked from his front porch non stop until she made it to Chelsea’s front door. Chad was left to go to his grandma’s house alone.

Tara drove Chad to her mother in law’s house and stayed just long enough to borrow some candles and tell Chad to behave himself. She had no intention of getting into any conversation regarding her new look or the status of her separation, both were topics she avoided. The wink she gave him on the way out was her reminder to him to not tell Grandma about her new venture. It would only cause problems and he was well aware that and they definitely didn’t need any more problems.

Tara went home and prepared herself for the evenings events. She first took a hot bath with scented oils and combed out her wet long hair that she had recently died raven black. As she admired herself in the bathroom mirror, she thought to herself ..“I am no longer a mangy housewife, I am now a beautiful dark princess”. She slipped a long black silk, hooded robe over her naked body. The fabric felt luxuriously sensuous on her bare skin. She lined her eyes with bold charcoal liner and coated her eyelashes with thick black mascara. Her lipstick was a deep burgundy red. She smiled wide at her reflection and was pleased at what she saw.

Tara’s home was slightly more modest than most of the other women in the group. She lived in a safe but moderately priced subdivision. Her house was one of many older brick ranch style homes in her neighborhood. She pulled all of the drapes shut in the living room and lit as many candles that she could find. Her sage green sofa and loveseat were well worn and outdated but the dim light of the candles helped hide their age. When the doorbell rang she jumped inside and was excited to see Sandra and Gail waiting outside dressed in the same attire. She invited them in as the others were walking up. There were six women in all; Sandra and Gail were married, Tara, Angie and Lina were divorced and Rose was a widow. Rose was the leader of the Coven and had been for nine years. Sandra’s blissfully unaware husband thought all along that she and Gail belonged to a book club, she always rode with Gail. Gail and her husband had an open marriage, anything and everything was fine as long as the kids weren’t aware.

From the beginning of Tara’s involvement she felt especially close to Sandra, she was a beautiful young woman with delicate features and a warm personality. She had been the one to invite her; they had met in the hair salon one day while they both waited for their appointments. Tara always went to get her hair cut and styled by Gina on the third Tuesday of the month. That was the last time Gina saw Tara, as she had from that day on become a dark princess and decided to let her hair grow long.

The women sat on the floor in a circle holding hands and chanting for a long period of time just like they had always done. The candles flickered patterns all over the walls as Rose lit incense in a pot in the middle of their circle that smelled of pine and musk. She asked all of the women to close their eyes and breathe in the scent. She then went on to have them envision that they were receiving extraordinary supernatural powers from beyond this earthly realm.

As Tara sat there holding Sandra’s hand, she felt something extraordinary, but it wasn’t supernatural, it was something that stirred inside of her, she had never felt that way about a woman before. She couldn’t keep her mind off of the fact that she suddenly realized she wanted Sandra in a special way. She wondered if Sandra felt the same.

As the night went on Rose told stories of the individual powers of the north, south, east and west. She claimed to be North Wind, the direction in space parallel to the earth’s axis of rotation and toward the point on the celestial sphere around which the stars appear to turn counterclockwise. And once again spoke of the powers of the elements of earth, wind, water and fire. She encouraged the women to adopt their own direction and element as their personal symbol and promised them a night in the future incorporating all of the directions and elements to bring about visitations from souls from beyond.

In the same pot in the middle of the floor, Rose started a little fire. She gave all of the women a small dried leaf and told them to hold the leaf in their hand and bring to mind their strongest desire. When the leaf had crumbled in their hand they were instructed to sprinkle it into the fire pot. This was done at the end of each session. Tara crumbled her leaf, closed her eyes and wished for the returned affection of Sandra.

When the session was over, Tara poured red wine for everyone and they toasted to their Coven. As everyone started to leave, Tara asked Sandra if she’d like to stay and have another glass of wine. Sandra said that she would like to but she had come with Gail. When Tara said she would gladly give her a ride home, Sandra smiled sweetly and agreed to stay for a while. Gail didn’t seem to be very happy about the arrangement and left with an attitude.

With every one gone, Tara felt excited to be alone with her and the two sat on the floor and sipped wine, there was only one candle still lit. After several glasses of wine Tara ran her fingers lovingly through Sandra’s soft red hair. They moved in closer together and shared a soft loving kiss. There on the living room floor they cuddled and eventually slipped the robes off their naked bodies and began to kiss passionately and caress each other’s bodies.

Becca looked out Chelsea’s window and saw that all of the cars were gone at her house and decided it was safe to run home and get her new CD and teen magazine she had been telling Chelsea about all night. It was late and even Puggles wasn’t out as she ran past. Since the house looked dark she quietly took the hidden key from under the window ledge and opened the door. Becca’s nose was immediately assaulted with the strong sent of pine. Tara and Sandra were so caught up in their passion that they didn’t even notice Becca standing there. Becca’s heart fell like lead. She stood there in shock as she watched her mother and another woman immersed in their passion.

Finally Becca screamed “Mom,….what are you doing?” “Is this what the witches do when they get together?” You’re a lesbo? oh my God………you’re a freak, my Mom’s a fucking freak!”

Tara was mortified and Sandra was so shook up she hurriedly put her robe back on and ran out of the house. Instead of Tara trying to apologize to Becca or try to make some sense of it for her she screamed viciously at her.

“You are not supposed to be here, you nosy little brat, get to your room now and stay there, and don’t you ever talk to me that way again.”

“Or what? What will you do … hit me?”

“With that, Tara slapped Becca across the face.”

Becca was so hurt and confused, she ran to her room. She slammed the door and fell on the floor in the fetal position. After a while she crawled back into the corner of her closet. She held her pink elephant close for a while before once again taking to the comfort of her razor blade. This time was different; her pain had escalated so this time she ran the sharp metal across the virgin territory of her forearms. There was a time she had promised herself that she would never cut where it would be seen, but tonight her whole world had changed, tonight that promise was broken. With every slice her tears dropped diluting the blood that ran down her arms. At one point the blood was gushing and dripping all over the carpet. She sat there frozen and watched as it soaked in.

She heard the doorbell ring and knew it was Chelsea wondering why she didn’t come back, but she didn’t move, she didn’t care.

Tara was already gone; she took the car and found Sandra walking about a half mile up the road. She drove her home in silence, as neither of them knew what to say.

© Solar Zorra 2009

Beware the Coven (Chapter One)

Solar Zorra

Charleston, United States

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This is continous through chapter 15, each chapter will take you to the next.

This is a novelette I wrote just for RedBubble. I hope you like it.

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