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Hello, I am a hobby photographer and shoot mostly wildlife, especially birds of North America and Europe. Started taking digital pictures about 10 years ago with a 1.2-Mp camera. Currently using a Canon DSLR system with a few lenses I need. Have a long wish-list of gear I’d love to own, but we often all have to prioritize and photo gear seldom comes up on top of important things, However I try taking the best possible images with what I have. I used to own 6, 7 lenses and later realized that I only need 2 for what I do. Sold several glass I rarely used and bought a better telephoto lens and a wide angle zoom. Most of my recent images are taken with these two lenses.
I am currently staying in southern Ontario, Canada, but will be returning to Europe in a few months, where the other half of my family lives. I feel myself lucky to be able to photograph North American and European wildlife and will show you as many as I can from both continents.


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