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Using the t-shirt template file to get an image that is 'cut out' from the background.

Cnote1394# recently asked me how I get the t-shirt designs ‘cut out’ with no block of colour in the background. …

When you open the template file you see a note in the middle surrounded by grey & white squares – those squares show you where the image is transparent and you need the parts you do not want to print on the t-shirt to be transparent in the final .png image.

So here we go: I will pretend that it is Photoshop we are talking about, but at this level, most commands and stages will work the same way in GIMP or another similar program.

with the background layer selected. select the whole canvas
(mac =comand+A, PC = control+A … this is nearly always the same in every program)
then clear the lot, delete it or cut it
(mac =command+C, pc = control+…