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Getty Images EyeEm

I received an invite from EyeEm to join their marketplace, it’s in beta at the moment, not live. I post my photos to EyeEm (a site similar to Instagram) mostly IPhone photos. / 2 of them have been excepted by Getty Images. Now I’m thinking maybe I should look into stock photography. I was under the impression they wanted very high quality photos ie. very clean, no minor defects, high …
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Prasaara Photoshoot

I did a band photoshoot recently for a duo called Prasaara for promoting their new EP; a drummer and a DJ/keyboard player. / I like to take candid portraits rather than pose shots so it was interesting trying to capture the moments when they relaxed and forgot I was there. / You can listen to Prasaara’s music on soundcloud
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Hi 2014, going to be a good one

I’m enjoying getting back into redbubble again after a long time being distracted by the immediacy of my iPhone, instagram & streamzoo. / My partner gave me a new lens and camera bag for my birthday. I’ve been using a 17-50 lens with a cracked lens cap mount for a couple of years so the lens cap & filters won’t stay on. It fell out of my camera case one time too many tim…
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I have been mucking about on streamzoo & instagram / It is too easy to post on the fly there. / Then I realised I missed all the lovely people on redbubble / But to make the most of redbubble I have to use my work computer so it feels too much like work / It’s a pity redbubble isn’t easier to use on iPhone / iPad.
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