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This is the upstairs toilet at the place where I reside…this is about torture and political persecution…Matthew 5:10 – 10 “Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
bloody car seats…
in my car – I went so far – I was driven there – by dirty people
the kind of people – who look through peepholes
they drove me mad – with their abuse
I walk by and they say shut-up – while they stick their feet out to make me trip
they drive me mad – with their abuse
they deny me my health on purpose – they torture me
they lie about what they do – they give me no medicine
they leave my body broken – and then they send me big bills that they know I cannot pay – they say there is no job that I can fill
yet others are hired and make big deals – when I do get a job they harass and demean me – constantly – and then let me go – very blatantly
they knowingly make me live in terrible pain
while they follow me around and are totally profane
calling me a bitch, a whore, a car and a dog
meanwhile I bleed on my car seats because I am so ill
the pain in my body swells until I cannot bear it
I pee in a cup in my car – because I have no place to go at 1:00 am
and my bladder is in pain because – it’s not put together right on purpose
I have an infection on my head – from where bacteria has burrowed into my scalp
I try to get rid of it, but I can’t – because I’m forced to live in my filthy car
my hair is falling out – I have no place to take a bath
because they deny me employment
I have no money, I cannot buy my children presents for their birthdays or Christmas
they think it’s funny to ruin my life and to hurt my kids
they fill me with anger and wrath
because they think they have the right to torture me forever
a mad, crazy, abusive mob
of the kind of people who look through peepholes
JANE À PARIS – Copyright ©2008 JANE À PARIS
Description: I think this work speaks for itself. It is about political persecution.


life, politics, abuse, medicine, torture, health, lies, torment, suffering, persecution, powerlessness, boredtag, mindgames

I have a deep love for expressionism – ‘Expressionistic artist sought to develop pictorial forms which would express their innermost feelings rather than represent the external world. Expressionist painting is intense, passionate and highly personal, based on the concept of the painter’s canvas as a vehicle for demonstrating emotions. Violent, unreal color and dramatic brushwork make the typical expressionistic painting quiver with vitality.’ This is what I try to achieve when I paint.

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  • Cactus42
    Cactus42almost 6 years ago

    Very original, funny and not as usual concept! It was daring! Bravo! :)

  • Thank you Cactus. Most of my art is a reflection somehow of the hells they put me through, and believe me this in particular is the biggest hell. Smiles from Jane:-)

    – JaneAParis

  • wstsiderose
    wstsiderosealmost 6 years ago

    who is they? I’m terribly disturbed by all the abuse you suffer Jane…can’t you leave, write a book about it. It has helped many terribly abused people move forward and get support.

  • “They” are the authorities wstsiderose. Political abuse and persecution are very real things. Because of my politics I have been tortured for over thirteen years. The police, doctors, and other people insist that I have no rights, therefore it is alright for them to do anything to me and lie about it. “They” ripped my baby out of me thirteen years ago, and then sent me home from the hospital with an intentional infection in my body to take care of my infant baby and my three year old. “They” tortured me while I was taking care of my children. “They” have destroyed everything in my life by denying me the things that other people take for granted every day, like healthcare, decent employment, and the right to freely flow in society without harassment or abuse. And “they” refuse to restore my health that “they” intentionally took from me thirteen years ago, thus the fine picture of the broken and dirty toilet. This is how I am treated. When you go to the doctor, they provide the medical care you need without invading your personal space, lying to you, manipulating you, abusing you, or taking advantage or you (financially, emotionally, physically, mentally, etc..). I am not granted this privilege, along with many other privileges that others take for granted every day. I am being kept ill on purpose, and I am being manipulated with my health, in ways that are very unkind and inappropriate. I am being denied the same rights that others take for granted every day, I am being kept in slave land, the land of no rights, forever. I realize that it is hard for many other people to understand, because they have never had a taste of what it is like to be denied rights forever and intentionally abused by many mean, dirty people on purpose that have no kindness or decency in their hearts, they are just out to hurt – and out for blood, for the most part because it is just “FUN” for them, “THEY” call it a sport. Well, their sport, and lack of human decency and respect has many costs to me and my children…and I can not move forward until I am allowed the same rights that you take for granted every day…to begin with I need them to restore my health that they took, for I am ill and being kept that way on purpose. Under my journal you can look at - The Medieval Inquisition…and the torture techniques developed from it…these are very real things, that have been around for a long time. Human beings are capable of being incredibly evil and vile to one another. Nothing has changed really except time and technology. The police, doctors and others still use these same techniques to abuse people who are on considered to be without rights, like me. Take care and thanks for reading and commenting. - Just Jane -

    – JaneAParis

  • wstsiderose
    wstsiderosealmost 6 years ago

    Oh my god. please try to escape the country! I’m very disturbed by this.

  • I have left. The police are in France too. The truth is there is no escape for me really, that is what is so terrifying about this kind of abuse, it is very inescapable…and something that others, who are thoughtless, find funny, disrespect and mock, because they do not care to understand, nor do they feel the damage or pain. - Just Jane—-

    – JaneAParis

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