First we take Paris, then we take the World

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<h1>First we take Paris, then we take the World</h1>

<h2>Solo Commission Exhibition by Jamin<h2>

<b>Devonport Regional Gallery
Opening 6pm Friday 7 September, 2007</b>

Exhibition runs 07.09.07 – 07.10.07

Jamin is represented by Criterion Gallery.

There will be a free bus departing from Hobart at 12pm, Friday 7 September, and returning from Devonport on Saturday 8th September, departing at 1.00pm. Bookings for bus are essential, please email Jamin –

<i>“In a fusion of front-page juxtapositions spawned by the ‘news of the day’ during the development of these new works, Paris Hilton has become the hero, the enemy, the metaphor and the motivation. In the sinister Get the Girl, Kill the Baddies and Save the Entire Planet Paris appears brainwashed. Empty and vacant, a container for meaning. John Howard appears intrinsically aware of both Paris’s awesome power as a vehicle for any message imposed upon her, and his own control over the Australian people and relative invulnerability. Howard cackles menacingly skyward, neck muscles taught and constricted with the power and testosterone of patriarchy. Paris, or perhaps popular culture, has become Howard’s secret weapon.”
Excerpt from catalogue essay “One Night In Paris” by Scot Cotterell

“Now in its third year, the Devonport Regional Gallery’s solo commission series continues to represent emerging and early-career artists, with the financial support of the Devonport City Council and Arts Tasmania. First we take Paris, then we take the World, presents the work of Jamin. While Jamin’s exhibition history is relatively new, in the past four years he has made an enormous contribution to the arts both in solo and group exhibitions. Jamin is a founding member of the Die Laughing Collective, with Paicey and Empire, through which he has been involved in various state-wide and national projects. Jamin is currently studying a Masters degree in Fine Art at the School of Art in Hobart.”
Excerpt from catalogue intro by Ellie Ray, Acting Director – Devonport Regional Gallery</i>

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