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I am Jamface, hear me roar. Or alternatively, buy some of the things wot I have done. There are some more things on my website, www.jamface.co.uk

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Thank you, Bikey-Likey-Liker!

Cheers whoever it was that bought an iPhone cover with my Bikey-Likey design on it! You have a made anotherwise grim and rainy day rather sunny and bright!
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Why o why can't I move my images into those portfolio boxes???

I’m just getting the swirly time icons which mean ‘wait’….and I have been for ages to no avail. Have I broken the internet?
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Thank you, who ever you are, for buying a canvas print of my rather dark painting The New Arrival and an iPhone cover featuring my Giraffes design, Thank you thank you thank you! Sorry to gush...

This is all VERY exciting for me – a whole NEW world!!! (hence the overuse of capitals and exclamation marks)
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