I draw weird things sometimes.

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Your votes would be awesome...

Hey people, / I have a t-shirt design up for voting on threadless. / https://www.threadless.com/designs/citrus-moon-2 / It is a competition for surrealist designs, and since that is very much my favourite thing in the world, I have entered it. / If any of you would be so kind as to vote for it (if you like it of course) then that would be entirely awesome of you. / Also, link me to your own de…
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I am a fancy business man

How else do you explain my owning business cards? / Henceforth I exclusively wear smart suits and carry a briefcase. A briefcase filled with even smarter suits. Also I sleep wearing a neck-tie.
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Snails VS Beetles (work in progress)

Snails and beetles have an age old rivalry. This is a little known fact. Consider yourself enlightened. / In other news, 7 days until my exhibition… oh how I despise dead-lines.
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Astir Architecture

One week until my exhibition! Still a lot of work to try and do. / I just finished this one today. I had this idea of buildings coming to life when no one is looking. They run about, and play, and fight. I think these two are fighting, but the behaviour of buildings is notoriously hard to understand. / www.facebook.com/jamesormistonart
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