I have been an amateur field naturalist since I was a toddler.My family owned and operated Camp Dore on The Key, a sublimely beautiful inlet on the north east shore of Georgian Bay. Every summer was spent exploring this rocky wilderness and studying it’s plants and wildlife.

At age 9 I joined the Ontario Junior Feild naturalists. And spent weekends on feild trips and walking about the hallowed halls of the Royal Ontario Museum. Once a month , year round I went camping and hiking on the Bruce Trail or in Haliburton with a scouting group.
I started photographing birds 10 years ago. I was hooked from the start. Almost every outing brings new knowledge and understanding of the web of life. And appreciation of the esthetic beauty and role wildlife plays.
There is a thriving community of fine nature photographers in the area. Any outing might be augmented by congenial conversation and swap of information. This is why I call Ottawa my home.

  • Joined: September 2010