A planetary leap for JOY by James Lewis Hamilton


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Featured in “Painters Universe” group 4/1/10

An acrylic painting adjusted in Photoshop elements for RB card format and a sense of added motion.

I think this might be a very appropriate seasonal card, for it is truly a message of PEACE and JOY for the whole planet. I wondered what in fact would happen if all the creatures on Earth simultaneously decided to make the ‘inner leap into their JOY’. For the fun of it lets say everyone and everything made that leap at the moment of New Year Greenwich time! So there’s a challenge… or at least my wish for everyone on Red Bubble!

The experiment regarding this card started as I was having my morning espresso in the living room. The original of this painting was hanging on the wall opposite. As the caffeine began to awaken me from my recent dreams I looked at the painting… and then thought; “A HA!”
This could be an answer to a group challenge I wanted to enter in Creative Card Group during the previous night’s insomniac inducing session on RB. Yes, I could fairly easily add a sense of motion to this image and meet the challenge requirements. It’d actually improve the quality of the piece.
Yet, because I went to bed very late, I also got up late and now only had 45 minutes before I had to leave, catch a bus and keep an appointment. I rushed up to my computer, found the art and loaded it into Photoshop (PS). I also loaded a ‘blank’ RB sized card and then dragged my art onto it. As quickly as I could I used the ‘smudging tool’ to pull the sense of motion out from the base shape. I enhanced the planet and added its shadow.
As my available time diminished I opened RB, logged on and added my new RB card with the briefest of description etc. I added it only to the Creative Card Group and then entered it into their current challenge. I then grabbed my stuff, put on my shoes and ran out the door. I moved quicker than I usually do and got to the bus stop with thirty seconds to spare!
Now, what kind of experiment would you call that? Certainly it had elements of insanity, but doesn’t the ‘Bubble’ just somehow encourage that? Anyway, it’s afternoon, I’m back, have made a few more colorful additions to the image, these added comments and will add to other groups. IF you are insane enough to have read all the way to here, then at least leave me your comment under the work! ; – ))))))
Ain’t espresso wonderful! ; – )))))

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A persona who has apparently lived a relatively long, varied and eclectic life. My Red Bubble portfolios reflect my seeming persona… and IF there’s any veracity to these reflections then some sense of HUMOUR and enjoyment should be PRESENT!
‘Ola!’ ;~}}}

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  • robpixaday
    robpixadayalmost 5 years ago

    Woweeee!!!! this is so cool!!
    So much energy!
    and I love the shadow cast by the planet!!!!

  • Robin, You are so supportive and terrific! I added some colors and many more descriptive comments since you commented this morning, before I ran out my door. Thank you so much… there’s probably no way to measure your positive influence on the artist’s of RB, but I can only assure you from my own experience… It’s huge!
    I dedication the ‘leap of JOY’ to YOU! ; – ))))))))

    – James Lewis Hamilton

  • Santamaria
    Santamariaover 4 years ago

    I am insane enough to have read the whooole commentary on this — lovely work yet again James!!

  • Is this why I feel so connected in our exchanges??? You may just be as insane as me… or at least like my version of insanity… welcome to the funny farm!
    ; – )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    – James Lewis Hamilton

  • Santamaria
    Santamariaover 4 years ago

    My dad used to tell me;" Santamaria remember the whole world is crazy, just you and me are ok and sane….but sometimes I wonder about you!"
    I just love those write-ups you do with all your work ! Keep it up

  • Now that DOES make me wonder about YOU!!!!
    ; – )))))

    – James Lewis Hamilton

  • CeePhotoArt
    CeePhotoArtover 4 years ago

    Your cohosts,
    Cee and Chris

  • artisandelimage
    artisandelimageover 4 years ago

    BLYTHARTover 4 years ago

    I am capable of enjoying traditional art, but I have to say I get a kick out of creative work like this. God gave us imagination and I am sure He doesn’t mind us using it.

  • I’m so pleased to give you a kick!!!!
    BUT… did you you read my whole description? If so did you at least lead your family in a simultaneous leap? (NOT simultaneous kick, though… that’s not peaceful!)

    – James Lewis Hamilton

  • eoconnor
    eoconnorover 4 years ago

    well done james and i am dancing for joy ,it makes a wonderful design !LIZ

  • thank you LIZ… joy is the best option!

    – James Lewis Hamilton

    BLYTHARTover 4 years ago

    I led my family in a simultaneous leap and we have made a large hole in the floorboards. I shall be suing you for damage to our property :)

  • It was metaphorical and a mental leap for peace… I don’t think drawing out your lawyer (anymore than a gun) is very peaceful… Instead try finding a quiet place where no one will disturb you for at least 20 minutes. Sit comfortably but stay erect and then breath in and out through your nose with your eyes closed. Concentrate on the moment between the in breath and the out breath and then the in – out-etc. Try to not allow any space between your breaths… or connect all your breaths. IF, you accomplish this 15 minute exercise then sit there for another 5 minutes after you open your eyes. THEN, write me and let me know what happened!

    – James Lewis Hamilton

    BLYTHARTover 4 years ago

    Do I do that breathing exercise while I am still leaping up and down? sorry for teasing you … I know it was metaphorical; I just liked the idea of a family of four leaping up and down and breaking the floorboards :) I used to do lots of breathing exercies in my youth when I was obsessed with all things mystical and yoga-ish. I remember once managing to lie still so long while breathing rhythmically that I got a sensation of floating – cool – but I’ve never managed to do that since.

  • tease away… but only while floating or leaping!!!!


    – James Lewis Hamilton

  • Scott  d'Almeida
    Scott d'Almeidaover 4 years ago


  • thanks, Scott!!!

    – James Lewis Hamilton

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