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Through My Eyes Project

Now that Gotye show is over
i am back to working night shift and doing my usual music video madness
writing funding applications
saving money for the plan
which is what the blog about

it is called the Through My Eyes Project
it is about teaching children to be able to photograph their lives
so people can see what a child sees
but the project is also to help their situation
and gain education

so far i am starting in a refugee centre which should hopefully begin in October
In December I hope to begin the project in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Where takes destiny I am working on but it will be an adventure. Palestine has been organised for me so I have a medical NGO to work with and my friends back in Pakistan and Afghanistan will help me.

for those who have facebook or myspace. here are links to add so you can see progress

hopefully i will get a real website
i need money or someone volunteering to do it
all things come

I’ve got several cameras donated and coming so i am excited
still need to find someone who might be able to do cheap processing
and printing
Kodak might be supplying me film stock
the motion picture department gave me some 35mm and 16mm film
need a gallery
things i am working on.

catch you soon

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