If You Love Someone

“I’m falling in love with you.” I mumble.

She looks disappointed and says, “I told you–”

“I know.” I interject before she can continue; before I can’t continue. “You told me that you are a creature of the air; you need to be as free as a bird. Well, I’m down here, looking longingly up at you, hoping you will teach me to fly too.”

“I told you…” She repeats and her face is sad and serious.

“I know,” I say.

Tears fill my eyes. I’m walking without the memory of starting.

My car drives me home where I sit with my head on the steering wheel; thoughts tumbling like hyperactive acrobats.

My heart is bursting and sore and a burden.

“I spoke too soon.” I whisper to myself.

Finally I get out of the vehicle and walk towards my small apartment.

And there she is, standing by my front door.

“How did you get here so fast?” I ask.

“I flew.”

And then she laughs, so beautifully she laughs, and I’m crying and laughing and her arms are around my neck, her mouth tickling my ear.

“I’ll teach you to fly.”

And I pull her into my arms, trying to pull her into my heart.

And there’s something strange about the feel of her back. And there’s a perfect white feather by her feet.

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  • Banalheed
    Banalheedalmost 6 years ago

    Beautiful, touching and, dare I say…angelic.

  • Thank-you Banal. I thought I would give epic a miss this week but couldn’t break away from fantasy.

    – Matthew Dalton

  • iAN Derrick
    iAN Derrickalmost 6 years ago

    Matthew are you into angels these days or is this an emu having an up close and personal encounter with a swan???

  • Actually, it’s a kiwi and a white dove. Who said anything about angles?

    Thanks iAN. I owe you a BM. But in summary TED is great.

    – Matthew Dalton

  • Bramley
    Bramleyalmost 6 years ago

    beautiful, really beautiful…

  • Thanks very much Bramley.

    – Matthew Dalton

  • George Yesthal
    George Yesthalalmost 6 years ago

    So how’s the view from up there? Beautifully conceived and succinctly expressed. Great job, Matt.

  • Thanks George. Hey, I haven’t seen anything from you for a while. Are you having hiatus?

    – Matthew Dalton

  • greeneyes
    greeneyesalmost 6 years ago

    ‘my heart is bursting and sore and a burden’ captured the pain of unrequited love beautifully…the lightness of emotional relief with the requited return was as light and natural as the floating white feather – the simplicity of this tale is full of hope!

  • Thanks very much greeneyes. When I wrote that line part of me wanted to fix the punctuation and part of me thought it felt okay. So I’m very pleased you liked it. Thanks for your comment – it means a lot.

    – Matthew Dalton

  • anya
    anyaalmost 6 years ago

    Lovely jubbley! Exactly what I think when I think ‘bird’! Love the twist at the end.

  • Thanks anya. I’ve been wondering if you choose the bird theme to make up for killing one in last weeks challenge. I didn’t want to up the body count just in case.

    – Matthew Dalton

  • MillicentMorrow
    MillicentMorrowalmost 6 years ago

    So beautiful…sensational.

  • Thanks for reading Millicent.

    – Matthew Dalton

  • dirtman
    dirtmanalmost 6 years ago

    Well written, and a good premise. And it leaves me wanting more details, which is a good thing.

  • Thanks dirtman. Nice of you to say so. I had to leave out of lot of action to make room for the story.

    – Matthew Dalton

  • Alison Pearce
    Alison Pearcealmost 6 years ago

    Beautiful take on the challenge Matthew!

  • Thanks Alison. It’s hard to think of something original. You chose very well I thought.

    – Matthew Dalton

  • Reiana
    Reianaalmost 6 years ago

    lovely feel to this – I’m laughing and crying too! :)

  • Thanks Reiana. Lovely of you to say so.

    – Matthew Dalton

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