I will work for your love, not because I need it, but because you need to give it.

Pytheas and the Midnight Sun

He took a biscuit from a small sunny-yellow plate, moistened it in the smoky infusion, and ate it.


This did not happen.


“I will always be here for you, little girl,” I whisper.

Thursday Angel

His memory of her could be encapsulated in the image of a grain of sand caught amongst strands of golden hair.

The Solution

I’m observing people who feel like they’re being observed.


On rainy days, sadness seeps through me.

The Black Hat

She has no caution. She drives like a demon, as if she is possessed by the devil.


I will be a tower of strength beside you. I will be a pillar of light before you.

The Bridal Trail

The full moon, gravid mother of light that she is, only makes things worse.

The Meeting

Seven men who spent most of their work days surfing the internet.

The Hidden Hand

His eyes opened, then, and he smiled at her.

The Sound of the Sea

The ocean rolled over and over, scrapped across the seabed and then leapt and lapped against the seawall.

I Travel

They will lie on a bed that thousands of other people have lain on.

Mr Stanthorpe and the High-Speed Newspaper Perfor…

Individual pages are far easier to manage, don’t you agree?

The Leviathan Sea

The sea is a mighty leviathan beneath an enormous grey net.

If Love is a Drug

He spent his days watching televangelists and talking to Iggy, his pet iguana.

Billy Gently and the Annoyance Pandemic of 2012

Global annoyance levels peaked on the 23rd October, 2012.

Making Money Made Easy

If I was rich I would start an organisation that taught freeloaders to become fisherman.

The Retreat

Truck drivers are 91% more likely to have beards than car drivers.


His wife had kept him going, the thought of his wife; it was the thought of the look she would give him once he’d completed the race.

My Mountain and Me

We are like the sun and the moon, my mountain and me.


Paul stood over Kim and Kim could see that he was full of fire.


My mind was restless. My mind moved across the surface of the earth looking for trouble.

Side Tracked

I have been side-tracked. You have seen me.

Connor Buys Coffee

The first time he saw her it was if he’d been punched in the solar plexus: he was in love.

The Broken

He re-read the note. They all know, he thought.

Earnest d’Angelo has Heart

He is quiet for a moment. The memory of the why storm flashes behind his grey eyes.

The End of the Road

He was ashamed of his melodramatic tendencies, the banal way in which his mind chose to occupy itself.

The Small Step

But then, ahead of him, he spied something different: two teenagers sitting on a small step outside a shoe-shop.

Buried Treasure

Commander Bennet stood staring at the map. His eyes were blazing orbs of polished magnetite.

The Department of Unexpected Consequences

“How in God’s name did you know that?” Mr Johnson exclaimed. / Malcolm Fisher tapped the abacus. “Calculations sir: that’s what we do."

The Old Man and the Pilgrim

“Go south to the sea; your greatness awaits you at Helos.”

The Code Within the Code

It is a story written using a common alphabet, a language shared by everyone who has ever lived, and who will ever live.

Sideways Glance

This is a story about a young woman named Emma.


She was herself, and I was in love.

Rosetta Stone

It was as if we shared a common language; an arcane tongue learnt from the walls of our souls. Our early conversations were a revelation: …

The Plan

As he entered the bedroom he caught a glimpse of his own care-worn face in a full-length mirror.


“James and Fiona up a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”


This was a gentle evening in late spring. The sun was sinking over a friendly sea; the world was a slowly turning kaleidoscope; the world w…

The Track

For millennia mankind has been casting questions into the inky well of space.

The Quad

“Oh?” Dave fixed me with a stare that said “If you know anything about her, tell me now.”

A Fist Full of Fingers

An unforgiving sun bakes a barren landscape and highlights every line, every contour, of the face of a man with no name.


Emma wanted to be a cool breeze on a hot day. She wanted to be happy and free…

The Mediocrity Principle

Nicolaus Copernicus would never look at the stars unless he was holding his notebook, pencil and some instrument that looked more magical t…


It was a crisp morning in the middle of winter; the moon was hiding in the daytime sky and Billy was watching the café from across the road.

The Fearless Andrew Biggs

Simon Parker had just one thing to say to Andrew, “I dare you to climb the flagpole at lunchtime.”

The Argument

“Just because you’re a perfectionist doesn’t mean you do things perfectly,” she retorts.

The Flame of Peace

A sweet evening breeze tousles curtains and stirs a candles flame.

The McIntyre Group Run for Fun

“Get the defibrillator ready,” someone whispered.

My Favourite Sound

Rufus wakes me up by pushing his dog food bowl across the tiled floor. The sound is meant to create a pavlovian response; I can almost feel…

The Black Marketeer

Selling arms to the enemy isn’t strictly legal but war covers over a multitude of sins.

The Truth of the Orb

“The land where legends are born,” my father would say with a faraway look in his eye.

The 15th Annual Intergalactic Space Race

Mr Stanthorpe had made an incredible discovery. / “Egad!” he shouted.

50 Colour Pages

Simon wasn’t the most attentive kid in the classroom but boy, you should have seen him with that book!

The Journey Down to the Sea

The path leads him along hilltops before taking him down to the sea. It has been a tiring journey but the man has savoured every moment. / …

The Sea Knows

Lean in closer for I must speak softly. / There is not much time; my friend there is not much time at all. Soon I must leave, but you need …

Dear Madeline

Dear Madeline, / If I was half the person you are I would stay with you through this. But, even though it shames me to admit it, I’m just n…

The Endless Knot

Love should be enough, it should be enough, but I ached for the meditation of ink on velum, ink on skin. I longed for it.

The Brickbend Geothermal Power Company

On the 10th of August, 1932, the residents of Brickbend awoke to find steam rising from a kilometre long fissure in the earths crust. It ha…

If You Love Someone

I’m falling in love with you.

How the War Ended

Sky threw fiery tridents and Earth retaliated with mighty fists – sharp and stony / A twist in histories tale.

The Template

It is my life mission to go to the Template, allow it to permeate my being and return to share its truth with my brethren.


I’m being sucked under because nothing I can do, nothing I can ever do, will erase what I’ve seen.


“I don’t want to eat cows muscles Mummy. I just want to eat vegistables.”

The Warrior King

Read my tale but forget this not – I am the great King de Blanc.


“So, I walk into this bar – right?” / “Oh cool! I love these jokes.” / “This isn’t a joke. This really happened to me.” / “Okay – yea…

The Monster

It has been said that it is easier if you let it wash over you – don’t resist it. But let us be realistic for a moment. Let us bring …

Aqua Profonda

Flammable liquids flow in the veins of Australian eucalyptus trees. Some of these trees drop long thin strips of bark at their own feet mak…
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