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From Colorful Colorado

Why am I here? Well I guess we’re all asking that question in a broader sense. The reason I’m here at RB is to share with the rest of the world a small glimpse of some of the beauty nature has shared with me.

Seems that we have a truncation issue. Any links embedded about here will be cut off. This is filler so it doesn’t happen. I’ll add more real content later.

Check out my art/photography:
Book of Dreams – Fantasies
Any Colour You Like – Abstracts

Check out my other sites:
Flickr, Zazzle, BigStock

Thanks for your interest…

I borrowed the tag link category idea from Dennis

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What's different?

I have a Zazzle account and this seems similar. Let’s see if I get more exposure here. I’ve sold a few things a BigStockPhoto as well, but you have to be well known to get hits there. We’ll see. I like the layout so far.
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