Jacky has developed the love of art from an early age like most artists, always having a pencil or a brush in her hand. Painting was always a second nature to her and she often indulged in fabric art, being a prize winner of technical clothes construction course, eventually making the pineacle of her carrier-the wedding dress for her daughter Miki, just as she imagined it. That was the last sewing for a while untill she moved to the country five years ago and got into quilting untill she met up with local art society members who invited her to join the group and she started painting again and being encouraged by the local artists to start exibiting as her passion for art keeps growing. Her love for gaden naturally brings out the urge to paint flowers but she also loves to do anything that comes to her mind, hence being dubbed as surrealist which her floral paintings also express. While painting mainly with acrylics, Jacky always looks for different mediums and techniques to experiment with and at the moment her favourites are pastels and watercolour. Thank you for your encouragement.

  • Joined: February 2010