An Upsetting day

My Wife and I were in the car on the way home after doing some shopping today.

With just one shopping stop to do at the local store, I drove around the big park near where we live.

There is a junction with traffic lights at the top of a steep hill at the edge of the park, and there was only us and another car a way in front of us as we approached the lights.
All of a sudden two cats appeared, one chasing the other playing. The lead cat ran into the road and was just caught under the rear wheel of the car-it just seemed to run into the car from the side.
We pulled up onto the pavement and rushed out alerting the car driver (who I think felt he had hit something).
The poor thing was writhing as I opened the boot to get a blanket. We rushed back ready to comfort the animal, but by the time we …

Holiday woohoo!

Just to let you all know, I will be on holiday until 15th September.

Please bear with me if your art ends up waiting in the moderation section. I will try and catch up with things as fast as I can upon my return.

I am off to Malta for some sunshine and rest.
Hmm! now then, how is that list going….floppy hat, suncream, brightly coloured socks to go with my shorts and sandals, maybe a knotted handkerchief or two to protect my locks of golden hair……….oh, camera……….wife……………


Rescued Pets Group

Do you have a rescued pet? Why not come and take a look at the Rescued Pets group, It’s for people who care.
We like a story or description of the animal and how it was saved and given a new lease of life and happiness.

Hope to see you there,