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I am a mom. I love Jesus, and Photography…That’s pretty much it.

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Photo Editing:

Name: Jennifer Ann Gross

People always ask me, “How did you come to like photography?” Well it is really a hard question to answer, since as long as I can remember, I always had a passion of some sort.

I can remember as early as about 4 years old. I remember sitting on the couch, and looking through the photo albums. And I wasn’t just looking at the pictures, I was LOOKING at the pictures. I would look at the tiny details, such as who was in the background, and the weather, place, etc. I mean, wouldn’t you agree with me when I say, pictures capture moments in time?

As I grew older, my “obsession” with photos grew a little bit deeper. When I was about 9, my parents bought me a little 110 camera, and sent me on a girl scout trip to CT. When I returned, they quickly developed my photos. They seemed a little disappointed to have just pay to develop about 24 photos of bus seats. LOL You and I are both laughing, but I was trying to capture that moment in time, for it was my first time alone, on a tour bus, and in another state. I think I was successful in capturing that moment in time.

It wasn’t until I was in high school till my true passion, and style was formed. I was about 16, and I was employed by CVS. Although it was illegal, I did some work in the photo lab, which was my fave. Just like when I was younger, I would examine each photo, as I was inspecting the photos for nudity, and I would even compliment the patrons as they picked up the photos.

During high school, I would volunteer to take pics of church events, and was pleased to find most of the pics the pastor used, was pics I took. Keep in mind, all I had was a 35 mm camera at this time. Nothing too special. I also joined on the yearbook staff my senior year in high school. Although I joined pretty late, the teacher liked my work so much, she let me participate in putting it together. I was pleased to find that at least 80 percent of the photos in the yearbook, were all taken by me.

Fast forward a few years to the time I am married. I worked for Sadie’s, a children’s photography studio, until Christmas of that year. This is where I found my true style, and learned all these cool photo editing techniques. A few months later, being 6 months pregnant, I worked for a company called Qualex aka Kodak stationed at Dorney Park. I was please to find, the site manager liked me so much, that the following year she made me a Lead Photographer/Shift Supervisor. This helped build my confidence.

Then in Feb of 2010, I decided to get serious, after talking to a friend who has been doing this since I was born. I bought a SLR camera and all the needed equipment to help get me started. Since then I have done 4 weddings, and many more different events and portraits. (Jan 2011)

Please let me do your next special event, and I promise you will not be disappointed. Check out my stuff and see for yourself.

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