Screaming to be released from the womb of creation...

This blog is a mangled mash-up of coming attractions (art, video, books, creative projects, etc.). So grab yourself a big mug of coffee, settle into your comfiest chair and read on…

Manic Mental Momentum – Self Portrait

I can only speak to my own experience, but… I feel like the gift is creativity, the price of admission, is a little bit of crazy and i am okay with that. ;) Accepting the up and down cycles, rather than working against them trying to be, “normal” is key.

The complicated mental machinery of my mind have become the nuts and bolts of my creative process, my art… BUT.. unlike my computer, my mind does not come with an optional shut-down mode, reboot, or stand-by. This means i am always too much and never enough in all that i am, all that i experience and all that i do. In the real world, it is a challenging way to exist, a tiring way to live. I have horrible bouts of insomnia due to my inability to shut down my mind. Creative work spins me into manic episodes.

I often become frustrated with the way my dreams out run and exhaust me, my ambition and drive are relentless. It’s like my dreams are always just beyond reach, taunting me with the words, “Catch me if you can!”. My dreams, my creative desires they are ever-changing and evolving at warp speed, there is no idle time, there is no pause, there are no frozen moments i can cling to. I can only embrace my dreams for the briefest of moments before they sinuously slip from my passionate grasp.

This dilemma brings me to the title of this blog, I’ve had a desperate desire to spread my wings, creatively, for quite awhile. However, time and financial constraints have had me putting these other projects on the back burner, indefinitely.

Now these projects are screaming at me to be released from the womb of creation, they want to be born into reality, shared, experienced and realized. I decided it’s time to roll up my sleeves and find a way to take these projects from conception to birth. I believe sharing them with you will help bring them into being and i wanted to give you a guided tour of the new creative terrain i will be exploring. So here it goes…

I have a channel on YouTube. As of now, it is the home for my Black and White Emotions video.
In the near future i will be adding many more videos that explore different facets of my art and creative process. Some of the content i will be posting include videos of how my ideas are taken from start to finish. I will also be adding spoken word video of me reciting my poetry. Additionally i will post a video of me reading from my book, JAEDA shades of the soul. I will also be including candid content from my daily life so i can create a more intimate connection with my online family and art community. And lastly, i will be creating more art videos that fuse performance art, candid shots, music and my existing art into a multi-dimensional experience.

I also want to share the love, light and humor of my precious Birdie Boy. He is the little cutie pie featured on my shoulder in this dreamscape:

Birdie boy perched on my shoulder, he turned to moon the camera just as i took this shot, the little bugger! lol He flew into my life, quite unexpectedly, a year ago and it has been comedic chaos ever since! Tucked inside his tiny little frame is a super-sized personality! He will have his own fan page on Facebook soon and his own YouTube channel. These will become a great places to go when you need a boost to your day, a good laugh, some love. For now, you can connect with Birdie Boy via his personal Facebook page

Birdie Boy loves Facebook and posts regularly ;).

In the book realm i have 8 books in the works. The first is my Black and White Emotions book, which will largely be based on my video of the same name. The second book will be a collection of my dreamscapes. The third book will focus on my glamor photography. The fourth book will be themed around images from my Red Realm series. The fifth book will celebrate the beauty of the body and will feature my artistic nudes. My erotically inclined photography will create the content for my sixth book. The seventh book, Red Jane, will feature my survivor art and poetry. A ten year retrospective of my work will be the basis of my eighth book, an oversized, mammoth book that will include most of the work i have created up to this point.

On the selling circuit i am going to branch out into Ebay and Etsy and will be selling signed prints of my work. I’ll post the link for both of those when they are ready to go.

And i guess that about sums it up, for now! I look very forward to expanding my creative universe and to having more to share with you :).

If you want a persona window into my world, join me on my personal Facebook page
If you want to skip the personal stuff and just follow my art, you can joint me on my Facebook fanpage

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