About Jaeda DeWalt
I am a self-taught photographic artist and poet. In “real life” i am a private, solitary and reclusive creature. I love unraveling the mysteries of the human spirit. I create self-portraits, dreamscapes, survivor art, spiritual art, sensual art and figuratives.

Images . . . poetry . . .words . . .they can offer us a feeling, an experience and the magical gift of transport.

I want my imagery to give people a way to express themselves, to offer them a moment of magic and wonder, I desire to ignite their imagination, emotions and give them a sense of connection.

Jaeda’s Artography Book – Shades of the Soul

To those of you, of whom, have purchased my artography . . .
My hope is that it will beautify your homes, ignite your imagination and whisper from your walls.

I desire my images to serve as a connecting thread in the universal fabric we share.

T H A N K Y O U for supporting my art :)

I am incredibly blessed to be able to serve the universe with my passion.



COPYRIGHT: These images and poems are not a part of the public domain. All images and writing are copyright © Jaeda DeWalt Artography. Copying, altering, displaying and redistributing of Jaeda DeWalt’s images and poems is strictly prohibited, without written permission from the artist and is considered a violation of applicable laws.

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The Positive Power of Pets and A Healthy Start for Kitty Mikino!

[Video] / Learn more about this fundraiser by visiting my IndieGogo Campaign Link OR read on . . . / The positive power of animal companionship: I feel a special kindred connection to animals. My pet children have made such a powerful and positive difference in my life! The unconditional love of an animal and the responsibility of caring for an animal, contribute in supportive ways, to the dail…
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Not fatherless, but fatherless . . .

Older image of my father receiving his masters in Software Engineering. / Not fatherless, but fatherless / In the emotional wake of Fathers Day, i thought the best thing i can do for myself and for those i share this with, is to be honest, in the hopes that by getting this out, i will not only ease my own heart and mind, but perhaps someone else will connect to my experience and, in turn, not fee…
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Fragments of my father . . .

My father… / Fragments of my father / My relationship with my father was, and is, so limited. But it’s not all good or all bad. Something positive my father gave me, are a lot of funny stories. He was shameless and in many ways such a strange man that public embarrassment was something that happened to our family, on a pretty regular basis. LOL And i will share a few stories, here, i…
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♥ ♥ ♥ Love and Connection ♥ ♥ ♥

We tend to see others through the distorted filter of our needs. We project ourselves onto people and respond, accordingly. So in reality, we are having a relationship with ourselves, through someone else and sometimes that’s okay for the lessons it brings and sometimes it’s harmful to behave this way. / If we want healthier relationships with others, we need start with an understanding of oursel…
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