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The Journey With No Ending

I do miss you and I’ve been missing you for days
We talk every day, hours seem like minutes, and time never stays
My eyes get tired and I know it’s time to part ways
But all I want to say…

Is, hey Lover
Please don’t go, just five more minutes…can’t you stay?
I hear the sound coming from the train
So I know you’re late
I feel my heart racing, tears building, and all this I hate
I can’t seem to let you go…cuz I too have taken a trip on that same train
So many thoughts are running off like a relay
I’m afraid once you board, you won’t look my way
I can only pray
For your safety and for me to have enough strength to maintain
And it isn’t even like me to behave this way
Is the day
Where you get on that train and go far away
I feel alone and filled with pain. I knew no matter what I was going to face this day

Hey Lover
I will try
Not to cry
I will keep all this inside
Because I don’t ever want to be the person that made you change your mind
Made you say hey…at least we tried
I only wanted to be that heart in which you confide
But I do realize I am running out of time
I turn and wake to your empty bedside
I wish I could say, I don’t think nothing of it because it happens all the time
But it only means another night of tossing and turning side to side, and having my eyes open wide

With a soft smile, I say hey Lover
Ease your heart and MIND
Even time, will stop this train RIDE
I know you asked me to be patient
I want you to know, all I have for you is LOVE and PRIDE
As I watch you board…I felt like part of me died
For days I’ve cried
But I did keep my promise and kept coming to the station
Always hoping, but with little or no communication
I am faced with humiliation, and aggravation
I don’t even care about the temptation
I hear the sound again…the one that comes from the train
But I’ve realized I’ve been watching too many faces get on and off this train
With no sign of you, I am left standing alone and knowing that my heart has a different shade of stain

As I said before, I have been on that same train in the past
But now there is a different one that I must get on at last
I’ve let too many pass me by, with a ticket in my hand…but refusing to get on
Cuz in my heart I always knew you were the ONE
But I’m out of time, and if I don’t get on
Everything about me will be gone
I wished your journey didn’t take so long
I waited at the station day after day, till each day was gone

…Hey Lover
As I climb
I realize I’ve lost my heart, there is no more safety, not even in my own mind
I use to think we can control our own lives
They say that true peace is felt inside
But I know they are not right
For only with you is where my peace resides

I take my seat and try to look out the window, but all is blurry because of my tears
I feel empty, lonely and filled with fears
I can only pray that when your train arrives
You won’t just see an empty station. WAIT …so our love survives
Reach within your heart, don’t listen to false assumptions or place forth your expectations
The only REAL thing remains is this LOVE, I refuse to believe it only exists in our imaginations
I know all this seems crazy
We both had no choices and had to get on, not willingly
I know they say Love is blind, but I believe nothing is, except for its journey
I can only pray, that when I return, I will find you and not just your poetry

That you believe in us enough to be patient
And that when I get off this train…you decide to meet me at the station

The Journey With No Ending


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Artist's Description


This has been inspired by a poem I read by our very own Famous and Talented writer, Shoaib !

He posted this poem about a week ago, and after I read it, which I loved :)…it did linger in my head…cuz it was like a little story…and I really wanted to know how it ended :)

So of course, my first version ( yes, I wrote 2 different version :)) LOL ) ended like most our comments to him….“Yes, any girl would wait at the station” I mean….geez, Shoaib def, knows how to work his words so we can all be under his spell :)) LOL
but seriously, when I really started to think, I realized in real world, nothing is that easy…and what if as much as one wants to be there, but they can’t…no matter how much they love, they end up missing each other instead…so all these what ifs came to play…and this is what I came up with from a different POV :)
Now I know I’m not a writer…so to me this was more like a LONG COMMENT :)) LMAO
so THANK YOU for reading and putting up with my words :)) XO

and most importantly…THANK YOU Shoaib for your beautiful words, mind and how you truly inspire US all :) You are a True gift to anyone who’s path crosses with yours !

Please read more of Shoaibs’ work here at this link :)

and as of 12-20-09 My Pretty, Talented and GIFTED friend, Cynthia also wrote HER own version of this little ride…and it is the BEST :)…so please please click on this link, so you may enjoy reading this story from yet another beautiful POV :)
Cynthia Lund Torroll


AND now my good friend Richard, just took the challenge and came up with this other amazing TRIP…wow…I love reading all these versions :)
Thanks R…what a nice surprise :) xx
Please read his poem at this link :)

  • with only few hours later, I just found out another BRILLIANT artist has decided to share her story at this STATION…I cannot even began to tell you, how thrilled I was to read her version…Tempe, YOU ARE TRULY REMARKABLE…thank YOU :)
    Please take a moment and ENJOY her amazing words using this link :)*

Below is Shoaibs’ amazing Poem
which started this Journey for me :)
THANK YOU so so much Shoaib…for letting ME, of all people to play around with some of your words :) I felt like I was writing a script …this was one of the best experiences for me…now I know why writing can be FUN :) xx

and for the rest of you writers…watch out…I may just have to start leaving these LONG Comments as well …lmaoooooo :)

The journey

I miss you and I’ve been missing you for days
Where does the time go when we talk for hours and nothing stays?
I close my eyes and we part ways
I want to say…

Hey beautiful
I wish I could stay
But I’m late for my train
So many thoughts are running off like a relay
There is no delay despite how much it rains
It’s rainy without you here and I’m already late
I have to go so, please don’t look away

Hey beautiful
I have so much to say my thoughts are lost just like that runaway train
Give me the strength to maintain
And it isn’t even like me to behave this way
I got up at dawn and prayed
In an ancient tongue that is as unfamiliar to me as the pain
Of Sunday mornings where I had to learn to recite that grace
“oh ye who reject faith
I worship not what you worship nor do you worship what I worship
And I will not worship what you worship nor will you worship what I worship…
….you unto your religion and me unto mine”
Of the divine

Hey beautiful, I too wish I could stop time
Instead I just close my eyes
Because true love is blind
So onto that train I climbed
Thinking I am so unprepared for this ride
It’s other’s blind faith in religion that makes me lose mine
Face it… we can’t all be right
And we change it…. To fit how we want to live our lives
I wonder sometimes…
Would I regret coming on board like the times in my life I lied?
And let others cry
Still sometimes
I try and hide
From all these thoughts that I keep inside
The point is we can’t even trust ourselves at times

I just want to say hey beautiful
You decide
Because I don’t ever want to be the person that made you cry
Made you say hey… at least we tried
I want to be that heart in which you confide

But it’s too much to ask someone to put their faith in you at night
When faith itself could be a lie
I have this reoccurring dream where I can’t run in a straight line
And when I stop to realign
I realize
I too am running out of time
I turn and wake to your empty bedside
I think nothing of it because it happens all the time

So I walked down the aisle and take my seat and sigh
Left alone there I retreat in to the safety of my mind
I think it’s easier to be your own enemy sometimes
At least you feel like you can control your own lives
Even though you know full well that that’s not where peace resides
They say that true peace is felt inside
But I know poets are never right
Because what sounds beautiful isn’t always a true reflection of where we find
Our happiness to be at that particular time

I saw a child on that train and he asked “are we there yet”
His young father said “son, we will get there soon”
His grandfather said “Look, how far we’ve already come”
And I…
I just looked out the window and questioned journey
And stayed silent on the destination
I can only pray that we find our salvation

That you believe in me enough to be patient
And that when I get off this train… you decide to meet me at that station

Written by Shoaib

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