Another question for my art friends

Good afternoon everyone! Trying to put a little more time in here & there, seeing all the lovely work and stopping by to see my friends at ATF of course. :)

I was wondering how many of you out there have a Zazzle account? I know some of you do, but I was wondering who uses it, if you like the quality of their goods and more specifically their greeting cards. Any and all info would be very helpful! Thank you in advance!!


Silly question...

For those of my friends and followers that do digital paintings. what sizes and dpi (ppi) do you suggest? I was looking around and saw that some were saying you really don’t need to do more than 150 ppi when you are creating an image from scratch… so if i want a 24×30 image i would create it at 3600×4500. Now, creating the image in that size, doing painting, everything moves smoothly, no waiting for the pc to catch up or lagging or anything. However, if I am trying to do 24×30 and 300 ppi (suggesting that you multiply 24×300 & 30×300 as directed), the image is HUGE, and after 3-4 brushstrokes, Im waiting for the brush to actually catch up with what I am doing. Can’t exactly create anything with that now can I? So, I was kinda wondering how do…

Hey there!

Just wanted to take a moment to say HI!!! It’s been a while since I been around but I wanted to say that I do miss all of my wonderful friends here. I wonder just how many of you are still here! I am getting my feet back into fractals, finally, just not with Apo… just might start adding stuff up here again. I hope that everyone is doing well…. what are you all up to? I can’t believe I have been on RB 5 years now… WOW!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Muah!


Checking In

Just checking in to say hi to everyone. It has been forever. Due to the changes of the bubblesites & well, RB all together I have decided to spread my wings. I would love to be able to stay in touch with you lovely people so please feel free to come give me a visit on facebook or fine art america. My links are below. Have a wonderful weekend!

Personal Facebook Page

For Logos/Custom Designs/Greeting Cards
JH Designs Fan Page
JH Designs Fine Art

Photography Goodies/Portraits
Jaclyn Hughes Photography Fan Page
Jaclyn Hughes Photography Fine Art

Discounts & Promo!

Good evening everyone. Wanted to take a moment to give you some great information!

Right now JH Designs is having a Father’s Day Sale until June 9th, all greeting cards are on sale, get a 25% discount off the total purchase!

If you are on facebook, JH Designs posts updates when new cards are added and when we run discounts or promotions. We are running a contest on facebook, that whoever gets us the most likes by June 8th will get a 35% off coupon code for a future purchase! No purchase necessary for this, just like the page, share & get your friends and family to like us too! Have them put up a message on the page "New fan sent over from (your name there). And if you get us the most likes, you get a coupon code for 35% off!

So spread the word and give JH Designs some love!…


I was just wondering… how many of you have bubblesites? And how many of you have your work up on other websites? Do you use FineArtAmerica? Due to recent issues with bubblesites, I am having to consider being able to put my greeting cards elsewhere. And I have been checking out FAA and was kinda wondering how good it is over there, is the community like ours USED to be? Is the quality of work any good? The site of is strictly for greeting cards so I need to know, if possible, if there is a place for someone like me over there. Any and all feedback would be fantastic!

JH Designs

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to take a minute to wish all the mommies out there a Happy Mother’s Day. You are all wonderful women that have the toughest job out there and I hope that you have a fantastic day filled with love and happiness!!!


Attention All Photographers.....

For my photography friends, I am feeling a little nosey today and was wondering….

1. What type of camera (and equipment) do you use to take your photos? For my DSLR friends, if you list the name of lenses, dummy it down for me too… telling me what that lens does – macro, wide angle, etc. I have never used a DSLR camera but I would love to learn more about them! I am currently using a Canon Powershot SX210 (point & shoot with a lil punch lol)

2. If you use a point and shoot, and were in the market for a DSLR camera, we’ll say between $800 – $1500 what would you get? I personally have thought about getting either the Canon Rebel T2i or the Nikon D90.

3. If you use a DSLR camera, what made you choose that camera? What are some of the BEST qualities about you