About Jack DiMaio
My goal is to create images with emotion and impact. My work represents a collection of thousands of hours of watching and waiting. The challenge of photography is being at the right place at the right time. My camera is with me, most of the time, wherever I go: in the cities I travel, motorsports events, near the water or the woods, driving through the mountains, visiting historic sites. Sometimes it meant returning to the same place day after day, or even year after year until the conditions were perfect. I began my photographic interest in 1972 photographing weddings. Film was the only photographic choice until digital capture advanced to equal the quality of 35 mm film.
Recently, I’ve taken my love for photography to a higher level. First and foremost I’m doing all the work myself and catching the moment is the first phase. The use of state of the art equipment allows for proficiency and focus.

Creating photo art is the process of painting the photograph through a digital technique, refining the photograph. This is my second phase.

Additionally, I’ve taken a great interest in fine art printing or giclees on fine art media. I pride myself on capturing the most accurate reproductions.

  • Joined: June 2009