My favourite places are factories, but I like to visit others kinds of disused buildings as well, such as hospitals, asylums and houses.

There’s no better place than a factory, with a history of hard work behind it, to observe the imperturbable passage of time and to watch the relentless reawakening of nature among rusty pipes and abandoned equipment.

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24 Hr Drain Expo

The day has finally arrived! / Tomorrow at 9.30am marks the start of the annual “24 Hour Drain Expo” / Starting at a predetermined location somewhere, we’ll hit the first of 12 drains planned for this extravaganza! / The shortest drain for the day will be "Tommys’ Hole which will take around 30 minutes to do. / The longest, “The Dungeon” is a 4 hour slog t…
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Zombies Reign Supreme

I’m chuffed once again as some kind soul has purchased another Zombie calendar. / / A great Christmas surprise! / Merry Christmas to you all! / Reg
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Two in a Day

Well not only have I managed to get another of my works on the “featured” section of “Eerie Lighting” group (as well as being one of the featured artists there too!!) / BUT!!! / Also sold a “Zombie Calendar” today also!! / When your work is…
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