Hi everybody at rb i live on the sunshine coast at caloundra Golden beach. Just learning about photography dont have a dslr only a fuji fine pix s8000. 18times zoom , 8 mgpix will up grade 1 day . Well have just upgraded hubby bought me a cannon EOS 40D.Now i have to learn how to use i


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Into the abyss( Featured in Art by Bubble Hosts )

Jacks eye featured , / thank you for the feature / ASIS / jack01(colly)
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Jack featured in All animals Great and Small

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Fire in the evening sky Won again

Another win for fire in the evening sky in photography 101 group challenge. Many thanks to everyone that voted and entered the challenge
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this is ray fixing laptops

My son ray have a look you will laugh to what he has done / here / next thing he is going to do is with a apple notebook with a chainsaw
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