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My fondness for watercolor comes from its fluidity and ability to surprise–even the artist. Complete control with watercolor is very difficult. For me, complete control would still the art and stop the fun. I put down water, watch the paint flow and take pleasure in the process.

I enjoy expressing myself through watercolor, because I have no fears about what the paint might do on the paper–where it might go, boundaries it might cross, as well as borders that may form and intrude.

My paintings are to be enjoyed and celebrated for the pleasure involved in their creation in the hope that pleasure can be passed on to others. 

My work has been shown in galleries, appeared in magazines, and is in the homes of art collectors around the world.

Enjoy your visit.

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My paintings have been featured in the following groups: #1 ARTISTS OF REDBUBBLE, Art at Its Best, Decorative and Traditional Art, Greeting Cards, Impressionism Cafe, Just Watercolors, Landscape Art, Monochrome, Portugal Group, Sisterhood, Sisters in Arms, Wash Day, Water Media, Yellow Two, Painters Universe, and Anger Management

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Thank You Just Watercolors

Thank you so much for featuring “FieldWorkers” and “Saturday Afternoon.” It is such a good feeling as the rest of you know to have your art recognized in any way. / Joyce
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Thanks to Water Media

Thank you so much for featuring “Waiting for Work.” This was a painting I really enjoyed doing. It has become a part of the Art for Life auction being held Nov 12, 2009 for the Whitman-Walker Clinic in Washington DC. at the Carnegie Institute. / What a nice welcome to the group. / Joyce
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Thank you to the Monochrome Group

I really felt proud of this painting when I finished it, but it has always seemed to go unnoticed. What a pleasure for me to have you choose it to feature. Thank you. / Joyce
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Thanks to Landscape Painting Group

This is one of my favorite paintings, and I just love it when anyone else enjoys it too. I had no idea in the middle of it, if it was going to be any good at all. I had some moments of great doubt but just kept on. / Thank you for featuring it. It gave me great pleasure. / Joyce
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