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My Path to the Firefly


I am just a girl.
Living here on earth.
Inhaling the healing beauty of our home.
Exhaling it onto you, through my lense.

A creative, soul~full, searching, succulent spirit….
a lover of lilacs
longing for the truth
on the verge of a creative masterpiece……..

I believe deep within us all there is a place of magic resting in our hearts.
If we could just lie still for a moment….
it begins….
the beat of an organic rhythm from many ages ago….
we will awake to a beauty,
a peace & a love of creativity so strong…..

This is where my love,
my passion for photography dwells.
Somewhere between the awakening
& the tribal rhythm of a sometimes forgotten truth……..
That we are surrounded by breathtaking,
profound BEAUTY.

I LOVE taking pictures.
My camera is like my third arm
& maybe even my best friend!!
So much of our world is in such dark & chaotic times right now….
I love capturing the amazing beauty of the world
to remind myself and others that it still does exist.

So please,
come and rest your mind
soak in the magic,
breathe deeply,
stay awhile…

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