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My Wife, Gay, And I, Jack Burney, manage multiple websites.We run a Zazzle/jaartist28 store. We also have an Etsy.com store, Jones Ave Artwork Etsy Shop in which we have over six dozen works of art for sale and Gaylord’s Retro Shop, . We have been presenting art for sale online for ten years (with some effort on e-bay, a long time ago.) Our original website, Jones Ave Artwork, which we built ourselves, and after a lot of on the job training, is TEN years old. We also dabble in blogging, more my wife than I. Gay’s sometimes hard hitting, sometimes very humorous blogs are usually different with each one. You can get there by going to Mother Nature’s Assistant.

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Not Sure!

We’re not sure what it takes to sell here on Redbubble. We have been on Zazzle for over ten years and haven’t made a fortune but have had several hundred dollars of sales. Not on Redbubble. We have made 61 cents in over five years! What are we doing wrong? Feel free to tell us.
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