North Bellmore, United States

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Little bit of me..

I’m a 22 year old ecology & fine arts student attending school in New York. Aside from copious amounts of science courses I’ve had the pleasure of taking some painting, ceramic, and printmaking class in my years of school. I’ve really come to enjoy the process of printmaking, currently I’m studying lithography and I love it!

In the past I’d try to achieve a much higher level of realism in my art, and while I still get a great sense of achievement when I finally “finish” a realistic painting, I’ve started to change my style a bit. I don’t know where I’ll go from where I am right now, but as long as I go somewhere thats just fine.

I would say my work has a sense of a humor and I hope it catches your eyes for longer than a couple seconds!

err.. well I’m clearly not a writer, but I look forward to seeing some creative original works here and I hope you all enjoy some of mine!

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