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Sherbrooke, Canada

Canadian visual artist of Romanian origin. Blog:http://ivdanu.worpress.com/ and http://tinyurl.com/3qxro7k.


Sickness Leave, for now

I will be, for a while or forever, don’t know yet, less active on Redbubble and the rest.

I just got diagnosed with an appendix cancer, metastasied. Will start soon the chemio.

Best wishes to all friends on Redbubble, it was an honor and a pleasure to admire your art here,


Being a Street Artist, Again

Yesterday I was drawing portraits at a nice, cozy restaurant in Sibiu, called “La Pasaj” (because is based at the bottom of the locally famous Pasajul Scarilor – see photo). I made a deal with the owner. He will reserve me a small table 2-3 times a week and I will give a bohemian, artistic “cachet” and attract, maybe, some clients……

It was the first time and I didn’t have any great expectations. Quite quickly I had plenty of “clients” / models since I did the portrait of Petrica, a little boy, a bit sad

A bit sad, Petrica did me a great “service” repeating to everyone that I do portraits for free (It was my first, so I gave him the portrait…)

I had the time, until my father called me to my dayly duties, to make another portrait (this one I really like) and a sketch. Here they are:

A “Gavro

123 years since Van Gogh's Death. Not a Suicide

Just a reminder and a moment of silence to mark the passing of Vincent, this tortured soul who distiled such beauty from his torment……

Special thanks to authors Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith for their splendid biography of Vincent, one of the most comprehensive, well written and probably true of all books ever written on Vincent’s life (and there are plenty!)

Personally, they made me understood better all I knew about Vincent (especially from the less known periods of his life, the early years as a painter and the “suicide/ death” of the painter. We doubt now very much that Vincent commited suicide himself (not that it matters much…he was prone to suicide, sooner of later) and their version of his demise, as an accident Vincent accepted as fate, is a lot more believable that all t

Can Creating Art Fight Depression?

In my experience, yes.…

Of course, it depends on many things. There are all kind of depressions and, maybe, when you are at the latest stage, when nothing counts any more and you just want to curl in the fetal position and hope to die, well, maybe then art wouldn’t do the trick…

It depends, also, if you are just an art amateur or an art creator (no matter if you are any good, if you are famous or not). Just looking at paintings in a book or in a museum wouldn’t do the trick either, even in light depression cases, probably.

But if you are a creator, it will, most of the time, even in hard cases. I don’t know if it’s the same thing as in Eros and Thanatos, Love and Death counterbalancing themselves. You know, they say the passion of lovers being exacerbated by the presence of Death or a mort

For My Friends on Redbubble

First of all, I have to say it was a great pleasure and an honor to have known so many fine and extraordinary artists out here, on Redbubble.

But, at least for the moment, I do not have the leisure, the patience and the impulse to continue (not in the rythme needed).

So, I will not post anymore artwork and, even if I appreciate your comments and all, I will not answer anymore. Probably, I will visit MyBubble from time to time (rarely) but that is about all…At least for a while!

Have a nice life, my friends and keep up the good work!


Mecena Wanted

Sometimes – not often, just sometimes – I wish some Mecena pop out from somewhere (maybe from the Internet?) and says: ” I saw your work and I see some promise in it. You have raw talent and guts and the curiosity and the pleasure to explorate and play with paint. So, I give you 2000 $ per month for a year and you let me pick half of what you produce as painting & drawing during this time…” (of course, I could guaranty at least 15 medium size paintings and 30 drawings or watercolors per months)…

Here it is some of the things I am capable of painting & drawing, to convince a potential Mecena, Foundation or some crazy person with a lot of money and guts:

(Self portrait as a wise man)

Ok, maybe not the most alluring sample… Let’s try again…

(Big Fat Birdie)

Wrong again! Maybe this one?


Don't Worry, Be Happy!

New things enter our live almost every day. For me, recently, there is an evolution which is, at the same time, exhilarating and… well, yes, humbling……

It started with me, joining Fine Art America (at the good advice of my generous and very talented friend from Spain, Miki de Godaboom) and more recently, Redbuble.com. Two web sites for artists all over the world, where you can expose and, if you find a buyer, sell your art as a print, canvas, post card etc.

Didn’t sell much, until now… Just a photograph ! (no less! see bellow) but that’s not the point.

Mannequins in Draculas City

Selling, important, is not the main thing: getting in contact with the art of other’s, learning a trick or two, interacting with fellow artists (too many to mention all: but I have to mention Jolante Hesse from Sou

Drawing? Painting? Who cares?

I was always amazed (and a bit irritated) by this mania of ours to label things. Very often I was puzzled by the necessity to label paintings (or drawings?) so that they fit a box. Because, in reality, they don’t really fit. Drawing become painting and painting could become drawing, concepts are fluid and rarely, quite rarely, exact……

In fact, who cares? The art critics, the art historians, maybe… Some left brainiacs who rarely – or never – touched a pencil or a brush… I know that I don’t really care. I just draw. Or paint. Or whatever…

What is important for me, as an artist, is the process, the fluid process of doing something out of nothing, the process of creation. Ok, I said it: creation. When you paint-draw-whatever, you create. You are a mini-God, a tiny-whiny creature who does tiny

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