If I look through my portfolio and think back on the projects I’ve designed/ fashioned over the last decade I see this large body of work that I’m truly pleased with though I’m not certain yet where they may fit in with this site. So I’ll just be using this as an outlet for my musings mostly and whatever whimsical idea pops into my vastly under utilized mammalian brain. Hopefully with time I will have more to offer up to the masses and maybe… just maybe someone will find one of my creations just interesting enough to want for their very own to wear or display as they see fit whilst out on the town for a ‘Save the Jackalope’ fundraiser gala or lounging around in their underwater residential complex listening to Bee Gees records in their Terminator II pajamas. I welcome any and all of these scenarios.

  • Age: 39
  • Joined: April 2012