Sketching since preschool, it is just recently that I managed to collect a stash of more than a hundred sketches, majority about interior architecture. It is only early this millennium that I never throw any of my sketches. Drawn in any decent paper I can get my hands on – from butter to plain to tracing paper, I kept them all. After 5 years, I stashed them in a leather folder and brought it with me to New Zealand.

Now based in Auckland I still keep all my original sketches. Aside from a whole new bunch of my ‘crap’ in a folder, I keep a sketchbook cum scrapbook for all my conceptual studies.

On the 3rd day I joined RB, my sketch was featured on the homepage on Drawing Day. Awesome feeling!

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Just Wanna Say Thank you :-)

Three months since I joined Redbubble and I just wanna say thank you to those who dropped by to purchase my cityscape tees (and stickers)… many, many thanks! I feel so happy everytime I get the email about it, you inspire me. Thank you so much :-)
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