The good peeps at RB have done a lovely feature on urban exploration today, which is a fave hobby of mine. So, this made me realise that I had a whole bunch of urbex shots on flickr that I’d never uploaded here, so sorry to my watchers for bombarding you with my uploads :)
My friends and I regularly urbex, and while we love to photograph, we often spend most of our time sifting through the things that have been left behind (respectfully of course). You can really get a sense of the previous occupants from what they leave behind and a story can unfold before your eyes as you explore each room. We’ve discovered 150+ year old books, toys, baby furniture, 80’s gaming consoles, old newspapers and magazines, clothes still hanging in wardrobes and so much more.
Abandoned schools and asylums are definitely the most interesting I’ve come across. And, yes, it is sometimes risky. We have been caught out a few times, but we are always respectful of the places we enter and usually our camera’s in hand indicate that we are not there to cause trouble, just to appreciate and document.
If it’s something you’re considering, just watch the dodgy floors – nearlly lost a few people that way!

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