Designing beautiful children’s illustrations and whimsical imagery is my passion. My creative journey began with my earliest memories as a child where I loved to draw. I pulled inspiration from Disney illustrations, Little Golden Books and countless other picture books, drawing for endless hours images that defined my fanciful world as a child. Years later, my love for children’s art led me through the Queensland College of Art in Australia where I received a BVA in traditional Animation and delved into the animation industry for a time. With an affinity for colored pencils and pen, and a love for children’s animated content, I endeavor to create lovely, warm illustrations that appeal to the child within each of us.

My developed style is a melding of a Disney-esque charm to an essence of rustic Holly Hobbie sentimentality. Needless to say, these artists have influenced me in a prominent way as I love the nostalgic sense of innocence, whimsy and sweetness that arise from their work. Childhood is so fleeting and I venture to tap into that charming, forgotten realm through my wonderful illusory creations. I love to portray the timelessness of youth and innocence of childhood in my pieces. My aim is to eternalize such memories on my canvas and into the hearts of individuals and families, the young and the young at heart.

From classic animation cells and cartooning, tactile traditional colored pencil and pen, I am now exploring the digital world where I still get to incorporate the rich, warm, organic quality of my illustrations and create something more. By integrating my completed traditional pieces, I find new interest in seeing how much further my work can go through using the digital medium.

  • Joined: April 2009