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Tseung Kwan O Hang Hau, Hong Kong

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Interview with Myself, Isaac Lo
1- When and where were you born? I was born in Hong Kong on December 23th 1995.
2- When did you start getting into art? I remember the first time I hold up a pencil, I started to draw.Few years ago,I’m obsessed in collecting different kinds of sketch books.At first,I’ll draw whatever comes up to my mind.But later on, I found that I’m very interested in fashion illustrations.
3- What made you realize that art was something you enjoy? When I was little I loved watching art work in the museums.I always thought that art gallery is a super cool,modern,but a little classic place.I would love to stay at a art gallery or museum for a whole long day.
4- Any family members, friends or acquaintances that influence your introduction to art? My mum is a hair dresser,and she’s also a fashion lover.She always give me inspirations.:)
5- Any teachers or art classes in your past? Give me your history with art. Actually the only teacher I met that was a art lover is my Form 4. English Teacher.She studies art on collage.She’s my supporter and mentor.She always give me little gifts that makes me very happy.
6- Favourite style of art? (Paint, draw, etc…) (Girls, magna style, big eyes, …) (Favorite colors to use) [State away!] Fashion illustration is always my favourite.My favourite colour is purple!!!I’ve been loving magna lately.
7- What are your biggest influences? Since I’m a little monster,my biggest influences definitely is LADY GAGA.And since Gaga likes Alexander Mcqueen,I like Mcqueen too:)Although I live in HK,but I never listen to Chinese Songs.I like american music a lot.My favourite artist are lady gaga,katy perry,justin bieber,ke$ha,usher,nicki manaj,rihanna……They’re all my inspiration.
8- How are you inspired to create? [Your pieces, do you just see it in your mind and sketch it or do you plan it out or slowly get influenced?] (Basically how are you inspired.) I just draw whenever something pops in my head.I’ll also look out things that are artistic.I think traveling is also a good way to get inspiration.
9- Any friends you do collaborations with? Who are your biggest supporters? (Mom, dad, friend, sister, brother?) No,I haven’t collaborations with anyone.But I would love to..Supporters?EVERYONE!
10- Any obstacles in pursuing your art? (Do you do it as just a hobby? Or as a full-time job?) (In your past has anyone-parents, friends, family, society- ever try to put you down in pursuing this area?) Since I’m a student.Drawing is my hobby.(But I always swap the importance of drawing and studying==)My dream work is fashion illustrators.
11- Plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in ten years? If I can study on a art collage,that will be great.But the first thing I want is my own art workshop and a IMAC computer!!!In ten Years? I hope that I’m doing things I like. Actually, I’m starting building my own business.Selling badges ad bookmarks.

12- Most importantly: What does your artwork mean to you? It means everything to me.You can see what I’m thinking through my art,My personality….I always live in my own fantasy world and I would love you to come with me and explore my world.
13- Last but not least: What advice do you give to young aspiring artists? Or do you still consider yourself one? If so, what would you have done differently in you past? I definitely want more artist to draw more,do whatever they like,don’t stop drawing because no one like it.And here is my favourite quote : " I Don’t Design Clothes,I Design Dreams." By Ralph Lauren. Live With Your Dreams.

  • Joined: January 2013

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